Topic: Qi Gong and Meditation

Daoist Ba Gua Circle Walking Meditation

Daoist Ba Gua Circle Walking Meditation is a unique method self-cultivation, and inner transformation steeped in the Daoist tradition. An “Inner Alchemy” practice that opens the body’s energy gates, guiding you into a deep meditative state as you walk, circle, and turn smoothly and effortlessly. Learn this rare Ba Gua Energy Practice through nine comprehensive and detailed lessons!

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Five Animal Play

An incredible Qi Gong system based on imitating the natural movements of animals! Five Animal Play is one of the oldest forms of Qi Gong. As early as 300 BCE, Daoist Immortals performed shamanic dances that imitated animals. Hua Tuo, the legendary physician of the late Han Dynasty learned these dances and created Five Animal Play.

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Daoist Meditation

This course gives you complete and comprehensive access to Daoism’s most powerful meditation techniques. The benefits to health, mental functioning, longevity and disease prevention are incalculable.

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Complete Dao Yin Online Learning Program

This program brings you some of China’s most ancient health exercises. Dao Yin exercises are a “secret” hidden in plain sight: Many Qi Gong masters, monks, and martial arts practitioners practice Dao Yin their whole lives in order to maintain health and supercharge the body’s energy systems.

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Daoist Yoga

Daoist Yoga has its roots in the self-cultivation practices hermits who lived in harmony with natural world. Through close observation of animals and nature Daoist sages developed methods of exercise that made the body supple and flexible, dispelled disease, and expanded consciousness.

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