Topic: Practical Chinese Medicine

2019 IAI Ba Gua / Xing Yi Summer Retreat

Deepen your Practice of Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan & Qi Gong at our 2019 Intensive Summer Retreat. Join IAI/NYIA founder Tom Bisio and IAI Senior Instructors for 6 days of intensive training on the beautiful grounds of Roanoke College in Virginia.

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Traditional Tui Na 2019

Tui Na is one of the most powerful modalities in Chinese Medicine, known for consistently producing clinical results. Traditional Tui Na with Tom Bisio is offered as a package of 4 weekend seminars…

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Zang Fu Tui Na 2017 with Tom Bisio

Zang ​Fu ​Tui ​Na ​teaches ​methods ​of ​regulating ​the ​function ​of ​the ​internal ​organs ​(Zang ​Fu) ​through ​direct ​and ​indirect ​energetic ​visceral ​mobilization ​techniques. ​This

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