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Tooth from the Tiger’s Mouth Product Line

Tooth From the Tiger’s Mouth Products are the most effective formulas for trauma and sports injuries. These formulas have been carefully chosen by Tom Bisio, one of the leading experts in Chinese Sports Medicine and author of the popular book, A Tooth From the Tiger’s Mouth, and are based on traditional formulas used by generations of Chinese physicians, sports medicine doctors, martial arts practitioners, tui na experts, and bonesetters. These formulae were further tested for over 30 years at Tom Bisio’s Sports Medicine clinic, and clinics all over the United States by hundreds of practitioners, on thousands of patients.

Tom and the experts at Kamwo Meridian Herbs have ensured that Tooth From the Tiger’s Mouth products are prepared in the traditional way, which maximizes effectiveness.

Master practitioners know that using the right formula at the right time is the key to clinical success. To ensure correct usage of our products, we have created a unique colored-coded system in accordance with the Three Stages of Injury and Healing. This system allows health professionals, trainers, athletes, and martial artists to quickly and accurately choose the correct product(s).

Thousands of acupuncturists, athletes, martial artists, coaches, trainers and weekend athletes have used these formulas with amazing results. Now they are pre-prepared and packaged for immediate use and easy application.

Look for Tooth from the Tiger’s Mouth products including: Liniments, Gao (poultices), Soaks, Powders, Ointments and Pills for Trauma & Orthopedic Conditions.

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