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Practical Chinese Medicine with Tom Bisio: 2018 Classes – Register Now!

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Practical Chinese Medicine with Tom Bisio
2018 Seminar Schedule

Hands-on, body-based and action-based seminars in Practical Chinese Medicine, taught by world-renowned practioner, Tom Bisio. Tom combines 40 years experience in the martial arts and Nei Gong practices with over 25 years of clinical experience in traditional Chinese medicine. He has traveled to China numerous times to study internal martial arts, Nei Gong and Chinese medicine. Since 1998 Tom has taught Tui Na, Chinese Sports Medicine and Zang Fu Tui Na to hundreds of students in the United States, Europe and Canada. Tom is a graduate of the Tri-State College of Acupuncture.

The skills taught in Practical Chinese Medicine classes are a distillation of Tom’s apprenticeships, clinical experience and ongoing research into the core principles of traditional Chinese medicine.
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