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Supine Qi Gong of Ma Li Tang Part 2

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Ma Li Tang (1905-1989) was a famous modern exponent of Qi Gong. He was an expert in martial arts, Qi Gong and traditional Chinese medicine. He is famous for popularizing the Six Healing Sounds, but also synthesized and created other forms of Qi Gong for rehabilitation.

This Supine Qi Gong, created by Ma Li Tang, is a simple, yet powerful set of exercises that harmonizes the Qi Dynamic and regulates the internal organs. [1] This Qi Gong set can benefit anyone, but is particularly ideal for patients who are confined to bed. It is fairly easy to learn and can yield quick results. What I love about these exercises are that they provide a simple and straight forward but very effective method of regulating different aspects of the Qi Dynamic. From: Chinese Qi Gong Essentials. Cen Yuefang (Beijing: New World Press, 1996) p.78-89. Read More…

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