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Five Element Qi Gong Online Learning Program w/ Tom Bisio

Five Element Qi Gong
Learn Online with Tom Bisio

Five Element Qi Gong is a complete system of self-healing and disease prevention that is deeply rooted in Daoist traditions of promoting health and internal harmony. Regular practice of Five Element Qi Gong improves health and increases energy and concentration, while simultaneously re-connecting us to the subtle flux of natural forces that surround us and impact our lives.

Our Five Element Qi Gong Online Learning Program provides in-depth instruction in the correct method of performing Five Element Qi Gong. The program clearly explains exactly how and why these exercises work, while providing insight into the nature and power of the Five Elemental Forces on our life and health.

Five Element Qi Gong is a distillation of instructor Tom Bisio’s 40+ years in the martial arts and a reflection of his extensive clinical experience and research into traditional Chinese medicine, Daoist meditation and Qi Gong practices.

Five Element Qi Gong is more than a powerful set of exercises, it is an embodied philosophy and way of life.


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