Ba Gua Broadsword Summer Intensive

This workshop will focus on the foundational Broadsword exercises that prepare students to engage with more advanced Ba Gua Broadsword training in the future. The training will include fixed posture circle walking (Ding Shi) and changes, basic Ba Gua linear movements performed with the Broadsword, and the 2-person Broadsword set. Training with the broadsword is a classical method of Shen Fa (body development) in Ba Gua Zhang and will improve alignment, body organization, understanding of applications and sensitivity to distance and openings when facing an opponent. Some previous martial arts training is highly recommended for this class.

Ba Gua Saber

Time: Saturday mornings, 11:30am – 1:00pm

Date: 6 Saturdays from June 23rd – July 28th, 2012

Location: Central Park in Tupelo Meadow (in the Ramble at 77th Street) NYC
(If rained out class will move to Sunday morning 10:30 – 11:30 am)

Fee: $125

Instructor: Thad Wong – certified Ba Gua Instructor with New York Internal arts and Internal Arts International

To Register: and for more information contact Thad Wong at: moc.liamgnull@niloahskroywen

PLEASE NOTE: A wooden broadsword is required for this workshop. You can find low cost ones in Chinatown and martial arts supply stores, but it is recommended to get one of sturdier construction, especially since we will be hitting them together often in the broadsword vs broadsword 2-person set.  The best ones can be found at Raven Studios.  Order soon if you want one of these, they take 6 to 8 weeks to make.  However, they feel the most like a real broadsword, and with a few coats of natural oil finish (tung, linseed, etc) they are durable enough to be used for weapons sparring.  The ox-tail sabre with rounded tip is recommended.  You can also find a more affordable but still well-constructed sword with a much faster turnaround time at Sei Do Kai. The grooved kung fu sabre is recommended.