Advanced Training in Ba Gua Zhang with Tom Bisio in 2017

Ba Gua Zhang Advanced Training 2017
with Tom Bisio:

THE 64 HANDS of BA GUA ZHANG – 2 intensive weekends!

The 64 Linear Ba Gua Forms (64 Hands)

The 64 Linear Forms of Liang Style Ba Gua Zhang are said to have been developed by the great Liu De Kuan. These linear forms are combative expressions of Ba Gua’s circular changes and curved steps. They are divided into eight sets of eight movements. Each line of eight movements relates to one of the Palm changes of La Ba Za. The 64 Linear Forms  can be performed individually, or in linked sequences.

Emphasis will be placed on power generation and practical application of the movements. There are many expressions of the 64 Forms. In these classes we will focus on the expression passed down to us by Master Wang Shi Tong. Other expressions will be demonstrated and discussed where appropriate.

Wongshitong 09
Ba Gua Zhang Master Wang Shi Tong

64 Linear Ba Gua Forms I

In this intensive weekend, we will start the Eight Hands, (the Eight Hands are contained in the 64 Forms) and then learn the first four lines of the 64 Forms.  Various  methods of training the forms and practical applications will be demonstrated and practiced.

64 Linear Ba Gua Forms II

The second intensive weekend is a continuation of 64 Linear Ba Gua Forms I. Students will learn lines 5-8.


February 4-5         64 Linear Ba Gua Forms I
March 11-12          64 Linear Ba Gua Forms II

Instructor: Tom Bisio
Location: NYC (Manhattan)
Cost: $700

Space is limited to 20 participants per class. Register early to ensure your space!

Pre-Requisite: Modules 1-6 (IAI Authentic Ba Gua Zhang Online Learning Program: Foundational Level; IAI Ba Gua Zhang Intensive Training, NYIA Weekly Instruction) or equivalent training either within or outside of NYIA/IAI.



Get the most out of your training this year!

Take the Advanced Intensives in 64 Ba Gua Linear Forms
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July 25-30, 2017