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2018 Ba Gua Staff Weekend Intensive w/ Tom Bisio

 2018 Ba Gua Yin Yang Staff

Weekend Intensive w/ Tom Bisio

August 4-5, 2018


The Ba Gua Yin Yang Staff is a powerful weapon that can deliver powerful bludgeoning blows, and quick darting thrusts. The Ba Gua staff is characterized by enveloping, wrapping and rotating movements that end in hidden attacks. The weight and length of the staff require that the practitioner use fluid body actions and seamlessly  linked handwork and footwork  actions in order to generate these actions.

Like many two-handed weapons the staff teaches the practitioner to connect both sides of the body in powerful  unified movements. The pushing, pulling and sliding movements of the staff contain many of the power dynamics used in Ba Gua hand methods, throws and elbow techniques.

In this class participants will learn:

  • Five Key Stationary Staff Exercises that Develop Power, Control and Proper Hand Movement
  • Basic Methods of Walking the Circle with the Ba Gua Yin Yang Staff
  • The Ba Gua Yin Yang Staff Form: Eight “Palm Changes” of the Staff
  • Applications
  • Relationship of the Yin Yang Staff to Ba Gua Hand, Elbow, and Body Methods

Prerequisite: Students must have completed the Foundational Level of Ba Gua Zhang through NYIA classes, seminars of online learning, or learned the equivalent material another instructor or style of Ba Gua Zhang.

Date: August 4-5, 2018

Time: 10-5 pm

Location: Chestnut Ridge, NY

Instructor: Tom Bisio and guest NYIA/IAI Instructors

Fee: $400