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2017 Ba Gua Zhang Summer Retreat with Tom Bisio in the Heart of the Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains

Deepen your Practice of Ba Gua Zhang at our Intensive Ba Gua Zhang Retreat

July 25 – July 30, 2017  *  Roanoke, Virginia

Intensive Training

  • Morning Qi Gong and Nei Gong
  • Tian Gan (Heavenly Stem) Nei Gong
  • 28 Foundational Exercises and Standing Postures
  • Circle Walking Nei Gong
  • The Old Eight Palms (Lao Ba Zhang)
  • Eight Hands
  • Applications
  • Ba Gua Qin Na Methods
  • Weapons Training – Ba Gua Saber, Staff, Cane and Seven Star Stick
  • Daoist Meditation
  • Evening Lectures on Practical Chinese Medicine for the Martial Artist and Tui Na Training

Make 6 months of progress in 6 days through intensive training!

Share techniques & training methods with your school brothers and sisters.


About the Retreat:

Training conducted on the grounds and facilities of beautiful Roanoke College
Housing and Training at Roanoke College
Meals not included in price. More information as we get closer to the date.

Fee: $750 – including lodging and training:


  • Arrive Tuesday afternoon, July 25: training begins Tuesday evening
  • Retreat Ends Sunday, July 30th at noon

 Tom will be assisted by other experienced IAI instructors.

Registration is open to those who have trained with IAI instructors in private lessons, weekly classes or weekend seminars, and to those who have participated in the Authentic Ba Gua Zhang Online Learning Programs.

This is a great opportunity for those of you in the online program to receive hands-on instruction and become part of a larger Ba Gua Zhang Community!

TRANSPORTATION: Take the Ba Gua Express Bus:

NYIA/IAI has hired a private chartered bus to transport us round-trip between NYC and Roanoke.

If you are coming from Europe, traveling through NYC, live in NYC or nearby, taking the Ba Gua Bus is the most convenient way to travel! Plus, having the bus makes it easy for all of us to bring our Ba Gua weapons.

Date/Time: Bus will depart NYC Tuesday, July 25th early in the morning, and leave Roanoke around noon Sunday, July 30th arriving back in NYC Sunday evening.

Round-trip cost: $290- significantly lower than current airfare between NYC and Roanoke. If we get over 20 people, the cost of the bus rental per person drops, and we will refund the price difference to you.

You can drive the 8-9 hours yourself or take a flight, but wouldn’t it be nicer to relax on a bus, chatting with you school brothers & sisters, taking a nap or watching a kung fu movie?

Spaces are limited. Reserve your spot on the bus today!

To reserve your spot on the Ba Gua Express Bus Click HERE
Payments through PayPal, all major credit cards accepted.
Please note: bus payment is non-refundable.