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Zheng Gu Tui Na: Courses in Tui Na, Injury Medicine, and Traditional Chinese Orthopedic Medicine taught by Tom Bisio and Frank Butler. &

Martin LaPlatney and Tom Bisio trained together for many years starting in the Filipino martial arts. Later they traveled to China to learn with a  number of teachers of Ba Gua and Xing Yi. Martin’s website contains a wealth of interesting information on the different styles of Chinese martial arts and biographies of various teachers.

Jonas Brenner is an excellent practitioner of Tung Style Tai Ji Quan in Copenhagen Denmark. He is also a practitioner of Chinese healing arts including Tui Na and Acupuncture. He can be contacted through his website.

Saratoga Martial Arts Festival (SMAF): This event organized by Steven Pearlman each year brings together 20-30 instructors from different martial disciplines for a sharing of their arts, philosophies and techniques. Not only is there a lot of knowledge in one place but across the board everyone is friendly and willing to share their knowledge.

A former NYC detective, Mike Codella is a very serious martial artist. I recommend his academy to anyone interested in authentic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

ChiFlow: Gerald Sharp offers instruction, books and descriptions of the major internal Chinese Kung Fu Styles.

Estacada NYC: Bill Schettino’s hybrid street-tested estacada system shares many principles in common with Xing-Yi Chuan.

William McGrath openly teaches the complete Pekiti-Tirsia system of Filipino martial arts, a method that has many principles in common with Ba Gua Zhang.

Plum Publications: Hard to find, rare books on the Chinese martial arts, both in Chinese and in translation, as well as DVD’s and VCD’s. Plum Pub carries Tom Bisio’s Ba Gua Zhang DVD’s and books.

Jim Dees, a practitioner of the Chinese Internal Arts, offers some interesting articles and insights on Xing Yi Chuan.

Water Wheel Tai Chi: Tim Regan is the principal instructor for WaterWheel Tai Chi. He began his study of Tai-chi in 1988 as a student and assistant to instructor Reggie Jackson, a student of Da Liu. Tim has gone on to study many styles of Tai Ji Quan both traditional and modern, as well as Qi Gong, Xing Yi and Ba Gua for both health promotion and self-defense. His most extensive studies have been under B.P. Chan and his students. Tim is a great teacher with a a lot of knowledge.

Cours Qi Gong is the website from Mohammed Saïah & Maella Caro teaching Nei Gong & Ba Gua Zhang in Nantes & Paris, France. They organize Tom’s seminars in France with Lumière du Tao.

Ba Gua Association Gao headed by Chris Wyhowski, teaches Beijing Gao Style Ba Gua in France. Chris is my school brother under Master Gao Ji Wu.

Praxis Martial Arts is the creation of my friend Steve Pearlman founder of the Saratoga Martial Arts Festival (SMAF). Steve offer practical instruction in martial principles and self defense.

Wu Wei Tai Ji and Qi Gong in Germany (Instructor Jan Leminsky)







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