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Tu Na Si Ba:
the “Secret” Breathing Methods of Xing Yi Quan

In this series of four videos Xing Yi Master Song Zhi Yong demonstrates the four Tu Na (Breath Regulation) Exercises) that are an essential part of the internal practice of Shanxi Xing Yi Quan, as passed down by Master Li Gui Chang. These exercises are meant to accompany the Book: Xing Yi Quan Tu Na Si Ba: the “Secret” Breathing Methods of Xing Yi Quan by Master Song Zhi Yong with Tom Bisio.

Tu Na Si Ba is critical to understanding and developing skill in the core practices of Xing Yi Quan, including San Ti Shi and the Five Fists (Wu Xing). Tu Na Si Ba was traditionally taught only to senior disciples. It is rarely demonstrated and has never before been written about in English or Chinese. In this online learning aid, Master Song Zhi Yong demonstrates the exercises so that students can follow along. Detailed explanation of the four Tu Na exercises is provided in the accompanying book. 


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