Self Defense with the Walking Cane

A Complete Online Training Program

with Tom Bisio

The ultimate self-defense weapon

Learn the secrets of the Nei Jia Cane – one of the most effective Self-Defense methods in the world. The basic principles, strikes and techniques can be learned by anyone in just 20-30 min of daily practice.

The walking cane is the ultimate self-defense weapon. Not only can you legally carry a cane anywhere, in any state and any country, the unique design of the walking cane makes it a powerful force multiplier that allows a weaker person to offset superior size and strength while staying out of range of grabs, punches, kicks, and even knife attacks.

This course is a must for those concerned about personal self-protection, for anyone who regularly uses a cane, and for martial artists, no matter what the style.

This complete online training program details every aspect of Cane Street Self-Defense – from martial cane warm-up exercises and powerful striking templates to effective, street-savvy ready positions, and how to use the crook of the cane to deliver devastating hooking attacks.

You don’t need a partner to practice the techniques and methods taught in the course. The unique structure of the our Cane Self-Defense training method teaches you to make all the movements automatic and reflexive.

20 HD videos take you through every aspect of Self-Defense with the Walking Cane, including :

Warm up exercises with the cane

Principles of striking and hooking from a practical self-defense perspective

Cane striking templates that teach you to strike with shocking power

Street-savvy ready positions that lead into powerful striking sequences

Cane Qin Na – defending against grips and grabs

Advanced techniques: hooking, locking and throwing

Nei Jia Cane Form: a compendium of devastating movements that quickly become reflexive

Using the cane from a seated position

With this course you will carry your cane with confidence and poise.


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Meet your instructor

Tom Bisio has studied and taught Martial Arts for over 40 years. Tom’s extensive background in Filipino Martial Arts, full-contact stick fighting and the Chinese internal martial arts (Nei Jia), combined with his extensive research into Chinese Cane and walking stick self-defense methods, makes Tom the ideal instructor to teach you Cane Self-Defense.

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Why do You Sometimes Refer to the Nei Jia Cane? What is the Nei Jia Cane?

This is a good question. Nei Jia means “Inner School” and refers specifically to the Chinese Internal Martial Arts and the body principles that they teach and employ for physical training and self-defense. Correct usage of these internal principles when using a cane makes it easier for a smaller, weaker person to defend against someone bigger and stronger.

The Nei Jia Cane form and the Nei Jia body principles taught in this course can effectively teach someone who is not physically powerful to effectively defend themselves with a walking cane in a short period of time.

The unique structure of the Nei Jia Cane learning method quickly makes all the movements automatic and reflexive.

The innate efficiency and  effectiveness of Nei Jia Cane methods made them one of the “secrets” of the Inner School, so traditionally they were rarely demonstrated in public.


Why Study Cane Self Defense with Internal Arts International (IAI)?

We offer detailed, top-notch instruction that is clear, concise and thorough. Every detail of Self-Defense with the Walking Cane is explained clearly.  IAI Founder & Head Instructor Tom Bisio has practiced and taught martial arts for over 40 years. Tom weaves together decades of training and teaching a variety of martial arts  including  Chinese internal martial arts systems – Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan and Tai Ji Quan.

Tom’s extensive background in Filipino Arts and his experiences in Full-Contact Stick Fighting give him a unique and very practical perspective on Self-Defense with a Walking Cane

Throughout the program, Tom details exactly how the techniques work, with valuable training tips and detailed explanations of cane techniques, power dynamics of striking, and many practical self-defense considerations. These insights, distilled after decades of study, practice and teaching, ensure proper understanding of the basic principles and correct performance of cane self-defense techniques, allowing you to quickly develop practical self-defense skills with the cane.

Every aspect of Self-Defense with the Walking Cane is explained and demonstrated, clearly and thoroughly.

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While there are some advantages to learning in a classroom setting, there are also disadvantages. For example, once the class is over, you don’t have the teacher there to help you in your daily practice. Our experience is that in a classroom setting, students often have difficulty remembering corrections they receive. In an online program you can go over the detailed instruction and corrections again and again via the pdf and videos. A common complaint from students in a classroom setting is that the class moves too slowly or too quickly, or not enough time is spent on certain exercises which are particularly difficult. So another advantage of our online learning program is you can learn at your own speed.

And you don’t need a partner to practice the techniques and methods taught in the course. The unique structure of the Nei Jia Cane learning method teaches you to make all the movements automatic and reflexive.

The Self Defense with a Walking Cane Online Learning Program is appropriate for both beginners and experienced practitioners. The course takes you from basic principles and techniques to more advanced techniques that are based on the internal mechanics developed by Chinese Internal Martial Arts. The Nei Jia Cane form, an important part of this course, has much to offer both the beginner and experienced martial artists. In live seminars, I have taught these techniques to beginners, experienced marital artists, and even to those with extensive experience in Filipino stick fighting methods, and all participants came away satisfied.

The cane self-defense methods in this course are explained clearly and in such detail that you will not be disappointed, whether you are a beginning student or an experienced practitioner. We promise to provide all the critical details of correct practice, and to offer a depth of understanding that guarantees you will properly learn the practical skills of cane self-defense.

When you sign up for the Self-Defense with the Walking Cane Online Learning Program you will receive a Welcome Letter (PDF) and a 56 -page Training Manual (PDF). Both PDFs can be downloaded or read on your phone, computer or tablet. You also receive online access to 20 HD videos (streaming only). The videos are accessible only by students in the Self-Defense with the Walking Cane Online Learning Program. In your course receipt, you will see a link to the files associated with your purchase. By clicking the link, you will be directed to your page.

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Please note: videos cannot be downloaded.

At this time the videos are only accessible through online streaming. We chose to do it this way to keep costs low and to make the material easy to access for students all over the world.

It does. If you purchase the program and aren’t satisfied, just contact us within 7 days, and you’ll get a complete refund, minus a $25 administrative fee. The PDFs are yours to keep.

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It is not possible to answer everyone’s questions about training and many questions are impossible to answer through words alone. We encourage you to practice the material as many questions can only be answered through practice. We do offer workshops periodically in New York City and Europe, so if you feel the need to fine-tune your practice, it might be useful to attend a workshop in person.

The author and creator (Tom Bisio & New York Internal Arts LLC) of this manual and online course are not responsible in any manner for any injury or illness which may result from following the instructions or performing the exercises, techniques and methods contained in this manual and online course.

The activities described in this book, physical or otherwise, may be too strenuous or dangerous for a given individual.

Before embarking on any of the physical activities described and presented in this online course, the reader should consult his or her physician for advice regarding their individual suitability for performing such activity.

Any self-defense or health benefits attributed to these movements, techniques, forms and exercises, whether mentioned or inferred, are not advocated or promised by Tom Bisio and New York Internal Arts  LLC. Any self-defense or health benefits, whether mentioned or inferred, are those typically attributed to these movements, techniques, forms and exercises in traditional Chinese culture. We neither endorse nor advocate these benefits and opinions, nor do we vouch for their veracity. They are presented for educational purposes only.

Further, we do not endorse the use of the cane for self-defense. Cane techniques can dangerous and can cause grave injury. The methods and techniques presented here are a depiction of the use of traditional Chinese Cane techniques in self-defense situations, presented here for informational purposes only. Tom Bisio and New York Internal Arts  LLC are not advocating that one actually use these techniques, and are not responsible for any injury or loss of life that may occur from using or practicing these techniques.