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The Key to Optimal Health and Vitality

In ancient China, Daoist Sages and Yogis observed and catalogued correlations between planetary movement, the seasons and energetic fluctuations in the energy fields of human beings. These profound observations of natural processes became an integral part of Chinese Medicine and Nourishing Life (Yang Sheng) practices, including Seasonal Qi Gong.

Chen Tuan, a Daoist sage in the 11th century expanded upon these ideas in order to create Seasonal Qi Gong. Derived from Daoist yogic practices, these 24 simple exercises, one for each 2-week period, provide a sophisticated form of exercise that will keep you healthy throughout the year. These easy-to-learn exercises stimulate the meridians, and organs, and help to prevent stagnation of energy, pain and injury.

In this course, noted author, Qi gong expert and Chinese medical practitioner Tom Bisio will show you exactly how and when to perform each Qi Gong exercise, so that you can immediately begin to reap the benefits of living in harmony with the seasons. Detailed and clear video instruction is accompanied by written materials that help to elucidate fine points.

Seasonal Qi Gong is more than just a Qi Gong exercise class!

In this course you will also learn Five Bonus Health Practices that optimize your practice and maximize your vitality.

Tom will teach you:

Health Bonus 1

Seasonal Dao Yin Five-Minute Health Tune Up

Daily rubbing and massaging meridians and acu-points stimulates the Qi, wakes up and energizes the body, and wards off disease. Each Seasonal Dao Yin Tune Up takes only 5 minutes to perform, but can energize you for the whole day.

Health Bonus 2

How to Live Harmoniously With The Seasons

You will learn how each season affects your body physically and emotionally, and how changing just a few simple habits will boost your mental and physical fitness.

Health Bonus 3

Principles of Seasonal Diet

Eating with the seasons is a simple and easy way to begin to improve your diet and your health. Your body has different nutritional needs in each season. The easy to follow nutritional dos and don’ts for each season will help you to adjust your diet, so that you feel healthier all year round.

Health Bonus 4

The Secrets of Chinese Seasonal Health Teas

The sophisticated use of herbal teas has always been part of Chinese medicine and dietary therapy. Knowing when and how to make a few simple and proven seasonal teas is an important part of balancing the body’s energy and for staving off colds, flu and other common illnesses. These teas are as easy to make as a simple cup of tea. They will enhance your Qi Gong practice, and add a healthy addition to your daily diet.

Health Bonus 5

Spinal Meditation Energy Enhancement

This secret Daoist Meditation technique, performed once every two weeks, literally recharges and revitalizes the entire body, and activates the Du Meridian, the source of the body’s vital force.

Even engaging with one of these practices will greatly improve your health. Using all of them together will supercharge your body, mind and spirit.

With the Seasonal Qi Gong program you will receive:

Tom has made every effort to make the exercises and practices featured in this course accessible, easy to learn, and easily integrated into a busy modern lifestyle.


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Meet the author

I’m Tom Bisio, creator of the Seasonal Qi Gong Online Program. This program is the product of almost 20 years of research and practice. In addition to scouring through hundreds of volumes and thousands of scattered references about Qi Gong and Seasonal Health, I made numerous trips to China to study with martial arts masters and advanced Chinese medicine practitioners in order to bring these practices together into a single unified course, which I am excited to share with you.

The knowledge and insights gained during those trips, as well as my experiences teaching Qi Gong, martial arts and Chinese medicine in the United States and abroad have influenced this program. The exercises and supplemental information contained in this course are profound in their sophistication and insight, both into the natural world and nature’s subtle, yet powerful effects on the human body, mind and spirit.

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What is Seasonal Qi Gong and why should I learn it?

Seasonal Qi Gong is one of the most powerful of the Chinese Life Nourishing (Yang Sheng) methods. This course is a distillation of practices that were developed over centuries by Daoist sages, physicians and yogis who were able to see deeply into the patterns of nature, and understand the connection of human beings to those patterns. From these deep insights a series of simple, yet profound Qi Gong exercises and health practices were distilled. These exercises can literally transform your health and your outlook on life.

Seasonal Qi Gong teaches you to harmonize with the seasons in order to increase your vitality and prevent disease. But the implications go even deeper – taking advantage of the tidal surges in the cosmic energy around you literally allows you to ride the fluctuating waves of Qi that are present at different times of the year, allowing you to short-circuit emerging illnesses before they manifest, and address chronic illness when it is most responsive to treatment. This course will provide you with the knowledge and know-how to take advantage of these power energy fluctuations in order to improve your health and increase vitality.

More than just a Qi Gong course, this program contains many Bonus Health Practices, including how to live harmoniously with the seasons and the secrets of Chinese seasonal health teas.

Why Study Qi Gong with Internal Arts International (IAI)?

We offer detailed, top-notch instruction that is clear, concise and thorough. Every detail of each exercise is explained clearly, without mysticism or secrecy. IAI Founder & head instructor Tom Bisio has trained and practiced Chinese internal arts and Qi Gong since 1984. For the Seasonal Qi Gong Online Program, Tom weaves together decades of training and teaching Chinese internal arts/qi gong, a deep knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, his extensive experience and research of Chinese internal arts (including 18 trips to China), and over 15 years of research & practice of Seasonal Qi Gong and seasonal health practices.

Throughout the program, Tom details exactly how and why each exercise works, and imparts valuable tips, imagery and detailed explanations of the internal connections. These insights, distilled after decades of study and practice, ensure correct performance of each exercise, allowing you to gain the maximum benefit from your practice.

Noted author, Qi Gong expert and Chinese medical practitioner, Tom will show you exactly how and when to perform each Qi Gong exercise, so that you can reap the benefits of this amazing system. Every aspect of Seasonal Health is explained and demonstrated clearly and thoroughly.

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  • Can be done in 5-10 minutes each day.
  • Keeps you healthy throughout the year.
  • Prevents illness and promotes longevity.
  • Powerfully energizes and activates the meridians.
  • Recharges and revitalizes the entire body – activates the Du Meridian, the source of the body’s vital force.
  • Teaches you how to live in harmony with the seasons.
  • Helps prevent stagnation of energy and alleviates pain.
  • Can be done by almost anyone.
  • No equipment or specialized knowledge required – this course provides you with all the information you need to perform the exercises correctly and reap the maximum health benefit.


While there are some advantages to learning in a classroom setting, there are also disadvantages. For example, once the class is over, you don’t have the teacher there to help you in your daily practice. Our experience is that in a classroom setting, students often have difficulty remembering corrections they receive. In an online program you can go over the detailed instruction and corrections again and again via the pdf and videos. A common complaint from students in a classroom setting is that the class moves too slowly or too quickly, or not enough time is spent on certain exercises which are particularly difficult. So another advantage of our online learning program is you can learn at your own speed.

Seasonal Qi Gong is suitable for students of all levels of ability and experience. Seasonal Qi Gong enhances other meditative and Qi Gong practices and can be performed concurrently with them.

Seasonal Qi Gong exercises are explained clearly and in such detail that you will not be disappointed, whether you are a beginning student or an experienced practitioner. Understanding the purpose of each exercise, and learning the critical details of correct performance, make all the difference in receiving the full benefits of the Seasonal Gong exercises.

Yes you can start any time. Seasonal Qi Gong is organized by the season and within each season it is like following a calendar. So whenever you begin, you simply pickup with the current date and season.

When you sign up for Seasonal QI Gong, you will receive a detailed welcome letter with practice guidelines, ten PDFs, and online access to 30 videos (streaming only). The videos are accessible only by students in the Seasonal Qi Gong Online Program. In your receipt, you will see a link to the files associated with your purchase. By clicking the link, you will be directed to your page.

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Please note: videos cannot be downloaded.

At this time the videos are only accessible through online streaming. We chose to do it this way to keep costs low and to make the material easy to access for students all over the world.

It does. If you purchase the program and aren’t satisfied, just contact us within 7 days, and you’ll get a complete refund, minus a $25 administrative fee. The PDFs are yours to keep.

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It is not possible to answer everyone’s questions about training and many questions are impossible to answer through words alone. We encourage you to practice the material as many questions can only be answered through practice. We do offer workshops periodically in New York City and Europe, so if you feel the need to fine-tune your practice, it might be useful to attend a workshop in person.

Some of the diet and activity advice is suitable and very useful for children and teenagers and can help their development and growth as they move through the cycles of seasons and years. 

In general, young people do not need health maintenance exercises beyond their normal activities of running, walking, hiking, climbing and sports or martial arts. There is the exceptional young person who might benefit from these exercises, however, they should be recommended to that person by an experienced teacher or a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine.

The movements and applications shown in these videos and demonstrated or described throughout the Seasonal Qi Gong may be too strenuous for some individuals and can be dangerous and cause injury.

Before embarking on this program, or practicing any of the physical movements and activities described in our books, videos and other educational material, you are advised to consult a physician to determine your suitability for performing these activities.

Any health benefits attributed to these movements and exercises, whether mentioned or inferred, are not advocated or promised by Tom Bisio, Internal Arts International and New York Internal Arts. Any health benefits, whether mentioned or inferred, are those typically attributed to these movements and exercises in traditional Chinese culture. We neither endorse nor advocate these benefits and opinions, nor do we vouch for their veracity. They are presented for educational purposes only.

Tom Bisio, Internal Arts International and New York Internal Arts are not responsible in any way for any injury or illness that may result from attempting to perform the exercises and movement demonstrated or following the instructions contained in any of our videos, written materials or online discussions.

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