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Emergency Medicine for Sports and Martial Arts

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Join acupuncturist and veteran martial artist Tom Bisio as he presents the theory and practice of revival techniques, and the use of acupuncture points for a variety of martial arts and sport injuries as well as emergency situations such as Qi shock, syncope (fainting), heart attack, stroke, drowning and breathlessness.

This course covers all of the revival methods contained in Tom Bisio’s new book:

A Pearl From the Dragon’s Neck: Secret Revival Methods & Vital Points for Injury, Healing And Health from the Great Martial Arts Masters.

These life-saving techniques are a priceless part of traditional emergency medicine. In the past, they were rarely taught outside of martial traditions. The theory and practice of revival techniques is presented systematically, and the more complex techniques are demonstrated on a live model. Tom presents practical tested methods – he has used many of these techniques in actual emergency situations. Herbal formulae for revival from shock, summer heatstroke and desertion of Yang Qi are also presented. A must for martial artists, coaches, athletic trainers, nurses, physicians, and professional health practitioners.

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A handout that helps you follow the lectures and further details point location and revival methods.

27 page Article

Vital Points, Revival Methods & Chinese Medicine by Tom Bisio

Included Videos


Introduction to Revival Techniques


10 Key Revival Points


Qi Shock: Positioning the Patient, Sleeping Snake Revival Method, and Syncope (Fainting)


Kidney and Groin Injury Revival Methods


Revival Methods for Chokes and Blows to the Carotid Sinus


Revival Techniques for Injuries to the Neck, Head, and Brain, Blows to the Solar Plexus and Palpitations


Revival Techniques for Injury to the Heart, Drowning & Wind-Stroke


Revival Techniques for Heatstroke & Emergency Treatments for Breathlessness and Nosebleeds


Emergency Treatments for Migraine Headache, Toothache and Rib Pain


Herbal Formulae for Revival


Audience Questions on Qi Gong and Qi Shock


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Meet the author

I’m Tom Bisio, the author of Revival Techniques: Emergency Medicine for Sports and Martial Arts Distance Learning Program. In designing this program I have drawn on my experiences of teaching martial arts for more than 40 years, and over 25 years experience as a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. In the course of preparing this program, I made numerous trips to China to study with masters of the internal arts and Chinese medicine, and wrote a number of books on internal martial arts. The knowledge and insights gained during those trips, as well as my experiences teaching martial arts and Chinese medicine in the United States and abroad have influenced this program which I am excited to offer you.

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What are Revival Techniques and why should I learn them?

Revival methods and vital points have been used for centuries by Chinese physicians, martial artists, and warriors to aid people who have been injured, and/or have lost consciousness. Vital points and methods can be used to revive people from drowning, strangulation, fainting, heart attack, impact injuries and stroke. The methods presented in this class also begin to undo the internal damage that can occur in these emergency situations. These revival methods are essential first aid techniques that everyone should know, and they are particularly valuable if you are a coach, martial arts instructor, or health care professional.

The Revival Techniques online learning program is based on Tom’s book, A Pearl From the Dragon’s Neck: Secret Revival Methods & Vital Points for Injury, Healing And Health from the Great Martial Arts Masters. Tom details and demonstrates these practical and time-tested methods while systematically explaining how and why these methods work.

Why Study Online with Internal Arts International (IAI)?

Revival Techniques: Emergency Medicine for Sports & Martial Arts offers detailed, top-notch instruction that is clear, concise and thorough. Every treatment is explained clearly, without mysticism or secrecy.

In this practical hands-on course, Tom weaves together decades of training and teaching with his extensive experience in treating sports injuries treating sports injuries in the clinic, on the playing field and in the dojo. When you take the class, you are literally “in the classroom” with a renowned expert in Chinese Sports Medicine.


More frequent questions and answers

You don’t need to know anything about Chinese medicine to take this class. Tom has taught these techniques to hundreds of people who have benefited from this knowledge and used it to treat friends, family, students and fellow team members. These revival techniques are part of traditional martial arts training, and many of our martial arts instructors have used these techniques successfully. This course is based on the book, A Pearl from the Dragon’s Neck.  Everything is explained in clear and simple terms without medical jargon.

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