A lifetime of practice and knowledge in this one course, taught by renowned Instructor Tom Bisio.

Rooted In Ancient Wisdom

Daoist Meditation is rooted in ancient body-mind technologies that were discovered over 2,000 years ago by mountain hermits and Daoist Sages who lived in tune with natural forces. They developed methods of transcending the ordinary body and mind to supercharge the body’s energy and transform and purify the mind and spirit.

Daoist Meditation is a form of “internal alchemy” that transforms the body, promotes longevity and vibrant health.

Over the past few years I have purchased all of your Qi Gong/Nei Gong courses...5 Element, 6 Healing Sounds, and Seasonal Qi Gong. They have given me the opportunity to put together a very nice workout routine for myself that focuses on maintaining an energetically balanced physical/psychological/spiritual practice as I age over time. (Currently I'm 68). These teachings have slowed and in some cases reversed my aging process to the point where I now feel and exhibit a level of health that I had 20 to 30 years ago. And now with the addition of your newest class, I feel a whole other level of excitement and internal body awareness potential soon to become an integral part of who I am.

- Gary M.

Meditation has been shown to relieve stress and improve cerebral functioning. There are many methods of meditation, however Daoist Meditation is unique in its ability to supercharge the body’s energy systems and improve health while transforming consciousness.

This course gives you complete and comprehensive access to Daoism’s most powerful meditation techniques. The benefits to health, mental functioning, longevity and disease prevention are incalculable.

There is a lifetime of practice and knowledge contained in this one course.

The Eight Lessons in this Online Learning Program teach you eight interconnected methods of Daoist Meditation:

Lesson 1

Kidney Breathing Meditation

Kidney Breathing is both the foundation of many forms of meditation, and a meditation unto itself. Kidney Breathing is also called “Dan Tian Breathing”, or “Longevity Breathing.”

Lesson 2

Sitting & Forgetting

Sitting and Forgetting Meditation teaches you to gradually let go of thoughts and negative emotions that obscure one’s True Nature and prevent inner change and transformation. This “letting go” simultaneously unblocks Qi and energizes one’s being.

Lesson 3

Meditation Postures and Mantras

Different meditation postures can subtly affect the flow of Qi in the body and modify our observational consciousness so that we can experience different energy transformations. Combining these postures with specific recitations creates a powerful meditative experience.

Lesson 4

Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

The Microcosmic Orbit or Small Heavenly Circulation is a Daoist Meditation and Inner Alchemy (Nei Dan) method for activating, raising, refining and circulating internal energy. Microcosmic Orbit Meditation creates an interior state in which vital force is constantly self-replenishing, like a perpetual motion machine.

Lesson 5

Golden Fluid Returning to Dan Tian

Golden Fluid Returning to Dan Tian is a very sophisticated Daoist Dao Yin exercise whose origins are lost in antiquity. Golden Fluid Returning to Dan Tian makes the body stronger and more energetic, while at the same time helping the spirit to become calm, tranquil and stable.

Lesson 6

True Breath Meditation

Perceiving and attending to the True Breath strengthens the body’s internal Qi, calms the Heart-Mind, purifies the Spirit and Qi and creates a deep connection with the cosmic energies that move through us and around us.

Lesson 7

Sleeping Meditation

During Sleeping Meditation, breathing seems to disappear; desire and discursive thoughts gradually disperse and vanish. The spirit consolidates and is at ease. Sleeping Gong is akin to hibernation, in which the body’s energies are retained inside gathering and circulating without dispersing.

Lesson 8

Sleeping Gong of the Daoist Immortals

The Five Sleeping Gong exercises of the Daoist Immortals are succinct and direct in their approach to addressing problems that stem from loss of Jing, improper breathing and poor functioning of the digestion. These three imbalances are at the root of many diseases.

More than just a Meditation Course This program will transform your life!

The meditation postures, mantras and movements are clearly explained through the combination of written material, video and sound files. The course materials guide you step by step through Daoist meditation methods, making them easy to understand, perform and assimilate

As a Bonus,  you will also receive a PDF copy of the book, Two Immortals Life Nourishing Longevity System by Tom Bisio. The Daoist Meditation Online Learning Program is an important part of the Two Immortals System – a practical and comprehensive system of contemporary Daoist approaches to improving health, balanced living, longevity and spirituality.


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Meet the author

I’m Tom Bisio, creator of the Daoist Meditation Online Learning Program. This program is the product of almost 30 years of research and practice into Daoist Meditation and its associated health practices.  In  the course of my research, I made numerous trips to China to study with different masters, in order to offer you a complete practice in Daoist Meditation and its approach to health and inner transformation.

The knowledge and insights gained during those trips, as well as my experiences teaching Meditation, Dao Yin, Qi Gong, Martial Arts and Chinese Medicine in the United States and abroad have influenced this program. The meditation practices presented in this course provide a profound and comprehensive path of self-cultivation and spiritual awakening.

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What is Daoist Meditation & why should I learn it?

Daoist Meditation refers to traditional practices dating back to 500 BCE that utilize breathing, concentration, mindfulness, contemplation, and visualization. In Daoist Meditation physiological energetic dynamics provide the foundation for inner transformation. Through cultivating the internal energy, activating the body’s energy systems, and tuning them to a high level, one simultaneously transforms consciousness.

Our Daoist Meditation Online Learning Program is a distillation of practices developed centuries ago by Daoist sages who were able to see deeply into the patterns of nature, and understand the connection of human beings to those patterns. From these deep insights came meditation practices that address every aspect of being – physical, mental and spiritual.

This course takes you step by step from basic breathing and concentration techniques to advanced meditative practices that promote health and longevity. Simultaneously, perception and consciousness are transformed, so that one can fully engage with life in all its manifestations without fear or artificiality.

More than just a Meditation Course, this program teaches you to live completely and fully, as an integrated and whole human being.

Why Study Daoist Meditation with Internal Arts International (IAI)?

We offer detailed, top-notch instruction that is clear, concise and thorough. Every detail of Daoist Meditation is explained clearly, without mysticism or secrecy. IAI Founder & head instructor Tom Bisio has trained and practiced Meditation, Daoist Yoga, Dao Yin, Chinese internal arts and Qi Gong since 1984. Tom is a licensed practitioner of Traditional Chinese medicine since 1990. For the Daoist Meditation Online Learning Program, Tom weaves together decades of training and teaching Daoist Meditation, Chinese internal arts, Qi Gong, and his deep knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. 

Throughout the program, Tom details exactly how to practice meditation, and he imparts valuable tips, imagery and detailed explanations of the internal connections. These insights, distilled after decades of study and practice, ensure correct performance of each method of meditation, allowing you to gain the maximum benefit from your practice.

Tom will show you exactly how and when to perform each method of meditation so that you can reap the benefits of these profound practices. Every aspect of Daoist Meditation is explained and demonstrated, clearly and thoroughly.

More frequent questions and answers

There are many benefits to practicing Daoist Meditation, including increased relaxation and a sense of well-being, as well as the following:

  • Activates and augments the body’s vital force (Qi)
  • Fine-tunes the internal energy matrix
  • Prevents illness and promotes longevity.
  • Transforms consciousness
  • Improves perception and awareness
  • Relaxes & calms the nervous system
  • Improves brain function
  • Produces a fuller engagement with life
  • Can be done by almost anyone
  • This course gives you all the information you need to practice Daoist Meditation correctly. The rest is up to you!


While there are some advantages to learning in a classroom setting, there are also disadvantages. For example, once the class is over, you don’t have the teacher there to help you in your daily practice. Our experience is that in a classroom setting, students often have difficulty remembering corrections they receive. In an online program you can go over the detailed instruction and corrections again and again via the pdf and videos. A common complaint from students in a classroom setting is that the class moves too slowly or too quickly, or not enough time is spent on certain exercises which are particularly difficult. So another advantage of our online learning program is you can learn at your own speed.

The Daoist Meditation Online Learning Program takes you from the key foundational meditation methods right through to the moat advanced methods of Daoist Meditation.

The meditation practices are explained clearly and in such detail that you will not be disappointed, whether you are a beginning student or an experienced practitioner. We promise to provide all the critical details of correct practice, and to offer a depth of understanding that guarantees that you will reap all of the physical , mental and spiritual benefits of Daoist Meditation.

When you sign up for the Daoist Meditation Online Learning Program, you will receive a detailed Welcome Letter, a 175 page Daoist Meditation Manual (PDF), and 11 Sound Files (MP3). The PDF and MP3s can be downloaded or accessed online. You also receive online access to 18 videos (streaming only). The videos are accessible only by students in the Daoist Meditation Online Learning. In your course receipt, you will see a link to the files associated with your purchase. By clicking the link, you will be directed to your page.

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At this time the videos are only accessible through online streaming. We chose to do it this way to keep costs low and to make the material easy to access for students all over the world.

It does. If you purchase the program and aren’t satisfied, just contact us within 7 days, and you’ll get a complete refund, minus a $25 administrative fee. The PDFs are yours to keep.

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It is not possible to answer everyone’s questions about training and many questions are impossible to answer through words alone. We encourage you to practice the material as many questions can only be answered through practice. We do offer workshops periodically in New York City and Europe, so if you feel the need to fine-tune your practice, it might be useful to attend a workshop in person.

The movements practices shown and described in these videos and demonstrated or described throughout the Daoist Meditation Online Learning Program may be too strenuous for some individuals and can be dangerous and cause injury.

Before embarking on this program, or practicing any of the physical movements and activities described in our books, videos and other educational material, you are advised to consult a physician to determine your suitability for performing these activities.

Any health benefits attributed to these movements, meditations and exercises, whether mentioned or inferred, are not advocated or promised by Tom Bisio, Internal Arts International and New York Internal Arts. Any health benefits, whether mentioned or inferred, are those typically attributed to these movements and exercises in traditional Chinese culture. We neither endorse nor advocate these benefits and opinions, nor do we vouch for their veracity. They are presented for educational purposes only.

Tom Bisio, Internal Arts International and New York Internal Arts are not responsible in any way for any injury or illness that may result from attempting to perform the exercises and movement demonstrated or following the instructions contained in any of our videos, written materials or online discussions.