Advanced Gong Fu Sports Medicine

Three Advanced Modules with Continuing Education Credits

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Advanced Gong Fu Sports Medicine is divided into three modules that build on the basic class
Gong Fu Sports Medicine: Treatment of Injuries with Chinese Medicine.
These three advanced modules further hone the practitioner’s ability to treat injuries and orthopedic conditions with traditional Chinese medicine.
These three modules are combined together to offer you 8 CEU/ PDA/ CPDs.

Also available from Healthy Seminars

Course includes:

8.00 CEU/ PDA/ CPDs

Lifetime access to recording & handouts

2 year access for CEU/PDA/CPD completion

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Module 1: Treating Blood Stasis and Dead Blood (2 CEU / PDA / CPD)

This in-depth course focuses on the treatment of blood stasis and dead blood, from the perspective of trauma, and sports injuries. The focus is on practical usage of herbal formulas that treat blood stasis and dead blood, including formula differentiation and modifications according to the clinical presentation. The inter-relationship of cold damage, phlegm and dead blood is discussed form the standpoint of clinical application. The architecture of blood stasis formulas for trauma ware also examined in detail, so that students can gain a deeper understanding of treating blood stasis and dead blood.

Module 2: Treating Fractures (2 CEU / PDA / CPD)

Although the treatment of fracture is similar to the treatment of soft-tissue injuries, the stages of healing are slightly different and there a specific formula that are more appropriate for healing fractures and promoting bone knitting. In this class the theory and practice of treating fractures is discussed in detail and clinically tested herbal formulas and treatment protocols are presented. You will learn to effectively treat fractures using a multi-modality approach. The emphasis of this class is on the acquisition of clinical skills that can immediately be put into practice.

Module 3: Treating Bi Syndrome (4 CEU / PDA / CPD)

This class provides the student with a complete picture of treating Bi (Obstruction) Syndrome with herbal formulae, acupuncture and moxibustion, and lifestyle changes and diet. The emphasis on the course is on practical application and integration of these therapies. Herbal formulas for Bi Syndrome are covered in detail, starting with general formulas and proceeding to more specific formulas and formulas form the Shang Han Lun. Much emphasis is placed on understanding the architecture of the formulas and modifications and formula combinations. Liniments, poultices and plasters (Gao) and Soaks are also discussed as well as the relative effectiveness of modern supplements like Glucosamine Sulphate and Fish Oil.


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Also available from Healthy Seminars

Gong Fu Sports Medicine: Treatment of Injuries with Chinese Medicine

In this class, based on the best-selling book Tooth from the Tiger’s Mouth, Tom Bisio presents the theory and treatment of sports injuries and orthopedic conditions. The three stages of injury are discussed in detail, using a multi-modality approach to treatment and healing that gets immediate and clinically effective results. Liniments, poultices and plasters (gao), herbal soaks, and pre-made internal formulas will be discussed in detail, and you will learn how to combine these therapies with acupuncture, tui na, guasha and cupping. You will learn when each type of therapy is appropriate, and how to use each therapeutic modality. The emphasis of this class is on the acquisition of clinical skills that can immediately be put into practice.

Chinese Emergency Medicine for Sports and Martial Arts: Principles of Revival and the Use of Vital Points

Experienced martial artist and TCM practitioner Tom Bisio reveals the theory and practice of revival principles, acupuncture points and methods for a wide variety of martial arts and sport injuries as well as emergency situations such as Qi shock, syncope (fainting), heart attack, stroke, drowning and breathlessness. A priceless part of traditional emergency medicine, many of these principles are rarely taught outside of martial traditions. The theory and practice of revival principles are presented systematically, and the more complex protocols are introduced. Herbal formula for revival from shock, summer heatstroke and desertion of Yang are also presented.

Practical Chinese Sports Medicine: Treating the Neck

This class focuses on treating Sports Injuries and Orthopedic Conditions of the neck with a multi-modality approach, which includes Tui Na, acupuncture protocols, point prescriptions, and needling guidelines. Tom Bisio presents this unique and very effective approach to the treatment of neck pain, stiffness and injury based on his 25+ years of clinical experience, with an emphasis on immediate acquisition of clinically effective skills. Advanced acupuncture guidelines and needling methods are clearly explained, along with the use of Cupping and the Plum Blossom Needle. Tom presents two short and very effective Tui Na protocols for the neck that can be easily integrated with acupuncture treatments, and herbal formulae that have been proven clinically effective in the treatment of neck conditions. Specific rehabilitative Qi Gong exercises conditions of neck are explained and demonstrated.