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Xing Yi Intensive Training Retreat: September 17-19, 2021

This 2½ day retreat in the Berkshires of New York State will focus on the three essential foundational practices of Shanxi Xing Yi Quan

  1. Tu Na Si Ba Four Method Breathing Exercises
  2. San Ti Shi standing training
  3. Pi Quan (Splitting Fist).

The movements and deep internal breathing of Tu Na Si Ba are based on ancient Daoist practices that strengthen the body, internally connect the fascia, and rewire the body’s neuromuscular programming. San Ti Shi, Xing Yi Quan’s, unique and very powerful standing meditation practice strengthens the entire body and forges and indomitable spirit. Pi Quan (Splitting Fist), the seminal movement of Xing Yi Quan, creates an internal cycling of energy through the body’s energy channel, and underpins all martial applications.

During the retreat participants will have the opportunity to go deeply into these three seminal practices under the guidance of Tom Bisio, Valerie Ghent and IAI Xing Yi instructors, who will take you step by step through these profound Xing Yi training methods that internally transform the body.

The goal of the retreat is to give the participants a firm grounding in the foundational training methods that are the key to internal development in Xing Yi Quan: San Ti Shi, Tu Na Si Ba, and Pi Quan, so that each participant will leave with a solid grasp of the foundation and how to train correctly at home in order to foster internal strength and internal transformation. In order to achieve this goal, training will be intensive and physically and mentally challenging.

Registration is limited to 16 participants.

Participants must be vaccinated for Covid-19.


The Inn at Shaker Mill Falls  – near Canaan & Lebanon Springs in New York State – not far from Pittsfield, MA. Our group will have the entire facility and grounds during the retreat.


$800  – Price includes meals and rooms

Meals and Rooms

All meals are vegetarian and included in the price of the seminar. Participants must bring their own towels. Bed Linens are provided by the venue.


Arrive afternoon, early evening Thursday September 16th for a meeting after dinner at the Inn. Dinner is not provided on Thursday evening.

 Friday September 17 and Saturday September 18: Train 8-10 hours a day – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner provided by the venue for both days

Sunday September 19: Train until noon with a break for breakfast. Retreat ends at Noon lunch – Breakfast provided by the venue



Join the wait list by sending an email to: moc.stralanretnikroywennull@ecivres