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Xing Yi Intensive 2016 with Tom Bisio

Intensive Training in Xing Yi Quan with Tom Bisio
Learn the Shanxi Xing Yi of Master Li Gui Chang

Li Gui Chang Performs Tiger Form

A unique opportunity to learn a rare Xing Yi method based on Daoist principles of self cultivation and internal energy circulation.

Instructor: Tom Bisio, Disciple of Li Gui Chang
Assistant Instructor: Valerie Ghent, Disciple of Song Zhi Yong

Class consists of 30 hours of detailed instruction over five weekends in 2016.

About Master Li Gui Chang & Shanxi Xing Yi:

The Xing Yi Quan of Master Li Gui Chang is a unique expression of the Shanxi branch of Xing Yi. Master Li’s teacher, Dong Xiu Sheng, was a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine and spent most of his life traveling in Northern China studying martial arts and treating patients. Because of his travels, Dong was able to study and interact with many famous Xing Yi practitioners from both the Heibei and Shanxi branches, including Liu Wen Hua (the son of Liu Qi Lan), Geng Ji Sheng, and Sun Lu Tang. Li Gui Chang’s expression of Xing Yi emphasizes soft flexible hidden power (soft on the outside and hard inside) and overcoming firmness with gentleness, rather then relying on firm strength.

Xing Yi Quan Foundational Program:

This one-year program provides the student with key training methods, forms and internal development that are the essence of Xing Yi Quan as it was taught by the late Master Li Gui Chang. These seminars mirror traditional training in China, where the internal foundation is forged through intensive practice of Nei Gong, Tu Na, Standing (San Ti Shi), and Xing Yi’s Five Fists (Five Elements). Students will be given detailed instructions for intensive practice at home between each of the weekend seminars. Advanced training will be offered in 2017-2018.

Foundational Program:  Class 1

  • Xing Yi Nei Gong: 16 Exercises for Health and Internal Development
  • San Ti Shi (Three Body Posture)

Students will be guided through detailed and intensive practice of San Ti Shi, the fixed standing practice of Xing Yi Quan. Standing in San Ti Shi strengthens and roots the body while activating and concentrating Qi internally. Diligent and correct practice of San Ti Shi is necessary to develop a strong foundation in Xing Yi Quan.

Students learn and practice Xing Yi Nei Gong, a set of 16 exercises that works the whole body from head to toe, and is specifically designed to create the correct alignments and internal dynamics necessary for training in Xing Yi Quan.

Foundational Program: Class 2

  • Review
  • Splitting Fist (Pi Quan): Fixed Step Practice

In Foundational Class 2, students improve their understanding and refine their performance of Xing Yi Nei Gong and San Ti Shi. Students learn Pi Quan (Splitting Fist), the first and most important of the Five Fists (Five Elements). In Xing Yi Quan, Pi Quan is the seminal movement from which all other movements are generated. Pi Quan teaches one to enter, attack and uproot an opponent while simultaneously cycling Qi and Jin (refined power) internally.

Foundational Program: Class 3

  • Review
  • Four Breathing Methods (Tu Na Si Ba) 1 & 2
  • Splitting Fist (Pi Quan): Footwork variations
  • Busting Fist (Beng Quan)

Foundational Class 3 introduces Tu Na Si Ba, the four forms of Nei Gong breathing that form the “secret” internal training of this method of Xing Yi. Tu Na Si Ba gathers Qi internally while strengthening tendons and bones. The principles and power dynamics of Tu Na Si Ba are present in every aspect of Xing Yi, and are a key element in developing the relaxed, yielding and elastic power that characterizes Shanxi Xing Yi Quan. Students continue to explore Pi Quan and learn Beng Quan (Bursting Fist), the second of the Five Elements.

Foundational Program: Class 4

  • Review
  • Four Breathing Methods (Tu Na Si Ba) 3 & 4
  • Drilling Fist (Zuan Quan)

Foundational Class 4 continues the process of recursion and refinement of the techniques and principles taught in classes 1-3. Students learn the third and fourth forms of Tu Na Si Ba and the third of the Five Elements, Zuan Quan (Drilling Fist).

Foundational Program: Class 5

  • Review
  • Cannon Fist (Pao Quan)
  • Crossing Fist (Heng Quan)

In Foundational Class 5, students complete the Five Elements, learning Pao Quan (Cannon Fist) and Heng Quan (Crossing Fist). Students review and further refine San Ti Shi, Pi Quan and Tu Na Si Ba – three practices that are the key to Master Li’s expression of Xing Yi Quan.


Jan 16-17    Xing Yi Foundation 1
March 5-6  Xing Yi Foundation 2
June 11-12  Xing Yi Foundation 3
Sept 24-25  Xing Yi Foundation 4
Nov 19-20  Xing Yi Foundation 5

Time: 10am-1pm

Location: NYC (Manhattan)
Cost: $1000

 Class size limited to 25 – register soon!

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