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Xing Yi/Ba Gua Training Weekend in Stamford, CT with Tom Bisio & Valerie Ghent – Feb. 18-19 2023

Internal Arts International Ba Gua/Xing Yi Intensive Training Weekend
February 18-19, 2023

Our last Xing Yi/Ba Gua seminar in Stamford went so well we are offering another intensive weekend to go deeper into Xing Yi and Ba Gua forms, training methods and martial applications. Our focus this time will be on the Five Element Fists of Xing Yi Quan and the Eight Ba Gua Palm Changes (Lao Ba Zhang)

Rou Shou Practice at the IAI August 2022 Retreat
All Students & IAI Instructors  are invited to participate in two intensive days of training in Ba Gua & Xing Yi!
If you are in the Ba Gua Online Learning program we also encourage you to attend.


Training intensively as a group helps raise everyone’s level of ability while bringing us together to share insights and practice the arts we love with other practitioners and instructors. The late, great Li Zi Ming said that several years research and training with one’s peers is the key to mastering the art.

Fri. February  17:   2pm-6pm  –  Special Instructor Training
Sat. February 18:  9am-6pm  –  Students & Instructors
Sun February 19:  9am-6pm  –  Students & Instructors
Stamford, Connecticut at the Stamford Town Center (aka “the mall”) in downtown Stamford.

  • Stamford is easily accessible by car, train and bus from NYC (50 min. by train).
  • For those driving, parking at the mall is $1/hr or $9/day.
  • There are also many hotel and Air B& B options to stay overnight in Stamford.

The training site inside the Stamford Town Center is within walking distance of the Metro North/Amtrak station and the Greyhound/Peter Pan bus station in Stamford.

$500 – Students (Sat-Sun Training)
$500 – Instructors (Fri-Sat-Sun Training)

A great opportunity to review forms & applications, and delve deeper into these rare arts while connecting and reconnecting with other students and instructors. By training together and sharing our insights, we all grow and develop, hone our skills and increase our knowledge.