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Tui Na Seminars in France

Just back from Teaching in France. Mohammed Saiah and Emmanuel Potevin organized Zheng Gu Tui Na (ZGTN) Level 3 seminar which was held at the Maison du Tai Ji in Bagnolet. Teaching the Paris group – which incidentally includes participants from Ireland, the UK, Lyon, Montpelier and Belgium – is like seeing old friends at this point, especially with Jonas Brenner flying in from Copenhagen to assist and Pascal Jauffret kindly coming up from Le Beausset to translate. And my hat is off to Jean Yves Banes who once again came all the way from Martinique. We are looking forward to the level 4 class on the treatment of internal conditions with Tui Na in November. I want to thank the “Paris crew” for their hospitality and hard work.

Jonas, a certified ZGTN instructor, will be leading a level one class in Copenhagen on June 15-17, so if anyone is interested in learning Zheng Gu Tui Na, that is great way to start the program. Level two will be held in Copenhagen in November. To contact Jonas: moc.liamgnull@rennerb.sanoj

While in Paris we also launched the new website, which Mohammed, Emmanuel, my wife Valerie and myself have been working on for over a year. Naturally we also opened a bottle of Champagne to celebrate!

This was also my first trip to Normandy and the beautiful countryside in this part of France. The Tui Na class in Caen was hosted by Hérald Loygue and his students. This starts a new cycle of classes in France. Hérald’s group was very welcoming and also easy to teach. The latter because of their background in Qi Gong and martial arts which makes the proper performance of the hand techniques a whole lot easier. Plans are in the works for levels 2 and 3 in Normandy in 2013 as well as for seminars in Ding Shi Ba Gua Zhang and San Miguel Eskrima. We capped off the seminar with an amazing meal at L’As De Trefle Restaurant (I give it four stars). Hérald is a very accomplished martial artist and practitioner of Chinese medicine. He can be contacted through his website:

Participants from the Caen Seminar, 2012
Participants from the Caen Seminar, April 2012