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Nei Gong: The Authentic Classic (Nei Gong Zhen Chuan)

The Nei Gong: The Authentic Classic (Nei Gong Zhen Chuan)Nei Gong: The Authentic Classic (Nei Gong Zhen Chuan) is an obscure text of unknown origin, yet it stands alone as the definitive text on internal energy and the generation of internal power. Hand copied and passed from teacher to student, it is one of the “secret transmissions” of Chinese martial arts.

The Authentic Classic of Nei Gong is a practical manual on internal energy development and its fundamental importance in the martial arts and fa jin (emitting force). Divided into four parts, the text takes the reader step by step through the details of Nei Gong practice, and in the final section, its application to self-defense.

These four sections are:

  1. Nei Gong Jing  (Internal Energy Classic)
  2. Na Gua Jing  (Received Trigram Classic)
  3. Shen Yun Jing  (Transported Spirit Classic)
  4. Di Long Jing  (Earth Dragon Classic).

Translated by a team of experts, the text is accompanied by extensive footnotes and diagrams that clarify the more obscure passages which otherwise pre-suppose a knowledge of Daoist texts and imagery from the I-Ching (Book of Changes). The appendices further explicate the relationship of the Authentic Classic of Nei Gong to the internal martial art Xing Yi Quan.

The translators of this book are all expert practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine: Tom Bisio is an internationally recognized instructor of Chinese internal martial arts, qi gong and traditional Chinese medicine ( He is the author of several books on Ba Gua Zhang and Chinese medicine. Huang Guo-Qi practices Chinese medicine in Shanghai and is a senior lecturer at the Shanghai College of Traditional Medicine. He has translated numerous books on Chinese medicine and martial arts and is a professional translator for foreign students and international conferences. Joshua Paynter is an expert on Chinese language and Daoist traditions. He has a degree in Chinese studies which included work at Yunnan University in Kunming China. He served as chair of the acupuncture department at Touro University and has served on standard-setting committees for Board exams for Oriental medicine in the United States. He currently practices Chinese medicine in upstate NY.