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The Dangers of Yoga

Acupuncturists have known for years that yoga is a difficult discipline that can severely damage the body if performed incorrectly or two strenuously. We treat yoga-related injuries on an almost weekly basis in our clinic. Largely these injuries are related to overstretching ligaments which leads to destabilization of the joints.

As human beings we are often attracted to the things we don’t need and avoid the things we do need. Flexible people with loose joints are attracted to disciplines like yoga because they find it fairly easy to perform the postures while people who are more densely built and are stiff and tight find yoga difficult. It is hard for this later group to do yoga, but on the other hand they stand to benefit from it more. and they are far less likely to stretch so far that they destabilize their joints. This later group is often attracted to strength building exercises like weight training because with their denser muscular and very stable joints it is relatively easy for them and they quickly see progress. Yet weight training makes them tighter and less flexible.

Dangers of Yoga

In fact the looser more flexible group that is attracted to yoga might do better with an intelligent weight training routine. Different people need different things and while it is easy to play to our strengths it is important to also work on our weaknesses.
In this vein, a recent article in the NY times should be of interest to Yoga practitioners and health practitioners, as it points out the dangers inherent in many modern yoga practices and how to avoid them.

How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body
by William J. Broad
Published: January 5, 2012

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