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The Attacking Hands of Ba Gua Zhang

by Gao Ji Wu and Tom Bisio  |  photos by Valerie Ghent

The Attacking Hands of Ba Gua ZhangIn this ground-breaking book, The Attacking Hands of Ba Gua Zhang, Gao Ji Wu reveals some of Ba Gua Zhang’s formerly “secret” techniques. A follow up to Master Gao’s first book, The Essentials of Ba Gua Zhang, The Attacking Hands of Ba Gua Zhang gives the reader an in-depth look at Ba Gua’s Seventy-Two Techniques (Qi Shi Er Zhao) and the Sixty-Four Hands (Liu Shi Si Shu) as they were passed down from the great boxer Liu De Kuan, himself a student of the art’s founder Dong Hai Chuan.

Never before presented in their entirety, the Seventy-Two Techniques are key self-defense applications, that make Ba Gua an effective fighting art. Both the Seventy-Two Techniques and the Sixty-Four linear forms or “Sixty-Four Hands” are direct, practical applications of Ba Gua’s characteristic circular palm changes.

This Chinese-English dual-language edition of The Attacking Hands of Ba Gua Zhang contains hundreds of photos that clearly illustrate the movements and their self-defense applications. Included are rare photos of the renowned Ba Gua master Gao Zi Ying (Gao Ji Wu’s father) performing the Seventy-Two Techniques. A valuable companion volume that builds on Gao Ji Wu’s previous book, The Essentials of Ba Gua Zhang.

The Attacking Hands of Ba Gua Zhang ($29.95)

384 Pages  |  More than 670 photos

Available on and from Plum Publications:



What readers say about the Essentials of Ba Gua Zhang:

[cudazi_quote source=’Plum Publications’]This new book is nicely formatted with big clear pictures and direct translations of many of Ba Gua’s key points from the “songs.” A very good effort for anyone interested in any branch of the Ba Gua Tree[/cudazi_quote]

[cudazi_quote source=’ ‘]The photos in this book are among the very best in clarity and capturing logical moments in the ba gua movements.[/cudazi_quote]

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