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Strategy and Change: An Examination of Military Strategy, the I-Ching and Ba Gua Zhang

by Tom Bisio

Strategy and Change is an engaging meditation on the application of strategy to all facets of human interaction. Of equal interest to the business person, military theorist, martial artist or anyone negotiating the uncertainties of the changing world.

How do you achieve success and prevail in a chaotic world? Chinese strategists have grappled with this fundamental question for centuries. Chinese thought advocates understanding the natural order of the world in order to harmonize and flow with it. One of the key ideas that permeates both The Art of War and the I Ching and even the martial arts is that success is achieved by blending with and adapting to the constant change manifesting around us. By aligning oneself with the changing circumstances, opportunity and success unfold naturally.

Strategy and Change looks at these ideas by examining military strategy and its connection with the I Ching (the Classic of Change) and the internal martial art Ba Gua Zhang (Eight Diagram Palm).

Strategy and Change includes discussions of:

  • The Eight Intentions/Dispositions – a unique, flexible and organic system of strategic thinking used for centuries.
  • Examples of successful strategies from history’s great commanders including Alexander, Napoleon, Shaka Zulu, Hannibal, Belisarius, Sun Tzu and Mao Tze Tung.
  • I Ching theory and its relevance to Military Strategy and martial arts.
  • An analysis of The 36 Stratagems, a Chinese primer of strategy.
  • Advice from the renowned Chinese strategist Zhuge Liang, whose insights into strategy and leadership are widely studied by Asian businessmen today.

Available from Barnes & Noble,, and Outskirts Press

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