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NYIA Xing Yi Intensive – April 2012

This weekend, NYIA members in our two–year Xing Yi Quan intensive program met for the second time. Led by instructors Tom Bisio, Valerie Ghent and Wes Tasker, participants reviewed Si Ba Fa Tu Na (Four Method Breathing Exercises) and San Ti Shi (Three-Body Posture) the two primary Nei Gong methods of Xing Yi Quan. They also learned the Five Fists (Five Elements).

The focus centered around the internal mechanics of the fixed-step practice of the five fists. Participants also learned the three basic spear moves of Xing Yi Quan: Lan-Block; Na– Seize and Zha-Poke, and their relationship to the “Three Old Fists”: Zuan Quan (drilling), Pi Quan (splitting), and Beng Quan (bursting). Practice sessions were intense and focused. All participants showed incredible improvement over the two full days of training. Good job everyone!

Wes Tasker teaching Xing Yi Spear. April 2012
Xing Yi Spears
Valerie Ghent and Wes Tasker Teaching Xing Yi Spear