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NYIA Ba Gua Zhang Intensive 2014

Ba Gua Zhang Intensive 2014

Learn a complete inner practice that will sustain and nourish body and soul for a lifetime.

A unique opporYinYang.Palm.Tom.webtunity to learn authentic Ba Gua Zhang through intensive weekend training!

Ideal for students who cannot attend the weekly classes and a great way for students in the weekly classes to accelerate their training.

Instructors: Tom Bisio & Valerie Ghent

About Ba Gua Zhang

Ba Gua Zhang (Eight Diagram Palm) is a sophisticated martial art that not only teaches effective self-defense skills, but activates limitless potential for self-discovery and self-expression. Its intricately interwoven and organically complete methodology creates profound changes in the body, mind and spirit. In China many people say that because Ba Gua developed after Shaolin martial arts, Tai Ji Quan and Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua Zhang contains the best of these arts combined with Daoist circle walking meditation, internal alchemy and other life nourishing practices.

About the Ba Gua Zhang One-Year Intensive

This one year program presents the key training methods, Nei Gong practices and basic martial applications of Ba Gua Zhang. This intensive course is the precursor to advanced training in Ba Gua Zhang and for participation in future instructor training programs.

Course fee includes:

  • 5 books detailing the Nei Gong practices.
  • Written materials in the form of downloadable PDFs
  • Access to online video of techniques, exercises, forms and applications.
  • 80 hours of study

Curriculum & Schedule

  • Ten (10) Intensive Weekends, 80 hours total.
  • 4 hours on Saturday & 4 hours on Sunday.
  • Weekends designed to include review and partner practice where appropriate.
  • Location and exact times to be announced.

Weekend 1: January 11 & 12

  • Ba Gua Yin Yang Patting Nei Gong: Opens the meridians and removes energetic blockages.
  • Basic Standing Meditation or “Standing Post” (Zhan Zhuang): Develops rooting, body alignment and internal connection. The basis for moving exercises and power training.
  • Ba Gua Qi Cultivation Exercises: A means of sensing and developing the subtle internal movements that actualize the body’s innate power and energy sensing ability.

Weekend 2: February 1 & 2

  • Ba Gua Twelve Standing Posture Nei Gong: This challenging and powerful set of exercises strengthens the entire body while simultaneously forging energetic connections specific to the body patterns employed in Ba Gua Zhang.
  • Linear Mud Stepping: Ba Gua’s foundational stepping method.
  • Kou Bu and Bai Bu Stepping: Introduction to Ba Gua’s circular steps.
  • Dao Yin Exercises: A set of Life Nourishing (Yang Sheng) excercises that promote health by activating and regulating the Qi Dynamic. An important adjunct to training in internal martial arts.

Weekend 3: March 1 & 2

  • Foundational Training (Ji Ben Gong): This set of 28 exercises are key developmental exercises that form the foundation of one’s skill in Ba Gua. They develop and internalize basic movements and principles that are used in every facet of Ba Gua training. Ji Ben Gong improves joint mobility, strengthens the tendons and bones and balances the musculature of the body, while actively engaging with the body’s natural spiral-like movements.
  • Crane Stepping: Crane stepping is a powerful Nei Gong exercise that opens and pumps energy through the meridians which comprise the Central Channel. Crane Stepping also develops a light agile step and enhances leg skills, such as kicking, trapping and evading.

Weekend 4:  April 5 & 6

  • Fixed Posture (Ding Shi) Circle Walking Nei Gong: The basis of Ba Gua’s sophisticated fighting method and an incredible system for strengthening the body, promoting health and nourishing life. Each posture opens and activates specific meridians or groups of meridians while simultaneously imparting critical body attributes and strategies for self-defense.
  • Three Posture Standing: An extension of Standing Meditation and 12 Posture Standing that serves as a bridge to the moving forms and self-defense techniques.

Weekend 5: May 3 & 4

  • Old Eight Palms (Lao Ba Zhang) – Palms 1 & 2: These eight “palm changes” are the basis of Ba Gua’s attacking and defending method. In Lao Ba Zhang the basic exercises, standing and fixed posture practices are joined together into series of twisting and spiraling movements, combined with circling steps that emphasize change and transformation while whirling, spinning and striking. Palms 1 & 2 – the Single and Double Palm Change are the basis of all of Ba Gua’s movements and techniques.
  • Lao Ba Zhang Linear Palms 1 & 2 and Piercing Palms: These are linear expressions of the circular palm changes that emphasize and help elucidate the attacking and defending methods hidden within the circular changes.
  • Self Defense applications with a partner

Weekend 6: July 12 & 13

  • Foundational Partner Exercises: Partner exercises that condition the body and work with self defense applications of the foundational exercises and Single and Double Palm Changes.

Weekend 7: September 6 & 7

  • Old Eight Palms (Lao Ba Zhang) – Palms 3 & 4: Turning Body Palm and Body Splitting Palm
  • Lao Ba Zhang Linear Palms 3 & 4

Weekend 8: October 18 & 19

  • Old Eight Palms (Lao Ba Zhang) – Palm 5: Opportunity Seizing Palm
  • Lao Ba Zhang Linear Palm 5

Weekend 9: November 15 & 16

  • Old Eight Palms (Lao Ba Zhang) – Palms 6 & 7: Smooth Step Palm and Yielding Body Palm
  • Lao Ba Zhang Linear Palms 6 & 7

Weekend 10: December 13 and 14

  • Old Eight Palms (Lao Ba Zhang) – Palm 8: Flat Piercing Palm
  • Lao Ba Zhang Linear Palm 8

Fee: $2,100


Class size is limited to 25 participants so register soon!


Please complete the following two steps:

1) Fill out the NYIA Ba Gua Zhang One Year Intensive Registration Form HERE
2) A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required upon registration. Pay your deposit via PayPal:

You will be considered registered only upon receipt of deposit and a completed registration form.

Registration will be confirmed via email.

$550 is due by the first class – Jan 11, 2014.
$1050 is due by the second class – Feb 1, 2014.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds.

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