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Now Available! Daoist Ba Gua Circle Walking Meditation Online Learning Program

Daoist Ba Gua Circle Walking Meditation
is an “Inner Alchemy” practice that opens the body’s energy gates, guiding you into a deep meditative state as you walk, circle and turn smoothly and effortlessly.

Smoothly walking in a circle, while moving through specific energy-enhancing postures, creates a powerful current of internal Qi. Rotating and walking harmonizes the body’s energies with the cyclical, circular movements of the earth, stars, and planets, connecting us to the natural forces of which we are an intricate part.

The practice of Daoist Ba Gua Circle Walking Meditation connects us to the earth, the other planets and the stars, which circle and rotate in the cosmos. The famous astronomer Carl Sagan said that “the cosmos is within us; we are literally made of star stuff and we long to return.” By circling and walking, smoothly and effortlessly, like a carousel or a waterwheel turning in a smooth flowing stream, we directly experience the energy of the cosmos that is imprinted in our DNA.

Many practitioners of Circle Walking Meditation feel that it is the ultimate internal exercise and meditation method, because it is the culmination of a tradition of Dao Yin (guiding, pulling and leading Qi exercises), Tu Na (breathing exercises), Nei Gong (internal exercises), martial arts, Daoist meditation and Daoist alchemical practices, and other Yang Sheng (Life Nourishing) practices that have their roots in methods developed in the early Han Dynasty (c. 250 BCE).

A paragraph in the Daoist Canon says:

A person’s heart and mind are in chaos, concentration on one thing makes the mind pure.

If one aspires to reach the Dao, one should practice walking in a circle.

In this course you will learn:
  • 12-Posture Daoist Waterwheel Meditation – opens and activates the Micro-Cosmic Orbit
  • 3 Powers Circle Walking Meditation  – integrating the energies  of Heaven & Earth inside the body​
  • Turning Heaven & Earth Circle Walking Meditation – connecting to the  Macro-Cosmic Orbit
  • Returning to Simplicity Circle Walking Meditation – Embracing Emptiness & Formlessness
  • Bonus Lesson: Ba Gua Changing Sword Circle Walking Meditation – using the Chinese Sword (Jian) as “lightening rod” to conduct Qi

Until now, this unique method of self-cultivation and spiritual transformation has rarely been taught.  If you are interested in a powerful and practical method of mediation and spiritual transformation this course is for for you.

In 10 graduated lessons your instructor Tom Bisio takes you from the basics of circle walking to advanced Ba Gua Circle Walking Meditation practices, explaining and demonstrating each Circle Walking Meditation method clearly, while detailing the fine points, so that you immediately experience the physical, mental and spiritual  benefits of these powerful practices.

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Daoist Ba Gua Circle Walking Meditation Online Learning Program



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