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New Fall Class!! Foundational Gong Fu: Tan Tui and Praying Mantis

Foundational Gong Fu: 10 Roads of Luohan Tan Tui & 8 Hands of the Praying Mantis

This 13-week seminar focuses on the foundational skills common to many of the Chinese external martial styles, including stances, footwork, body conditioning, striking techniques and partner exercises in order to solidify fundamental martial skills. In China, most students who take up Chinese internal arts, have some background in one or more of the external Chinese styles that are traditionally used to develop these solid fundamentals. This class aims to develop these foundational skills for those interested in cultivating essential martial skills which will carry over into internal styles.

The Luohan Tan Tui (Luohan Springy Legs) is a fundamental Shaolin training set that develops coordination, ambidexterity, rooted stances, fighting strategy and an organized body capable of issuing efficient power through multiple continuous strikes. The 8 Hands of the Praying Mantis is a partnered set from the Northern Mantis system that teaches essential skills in applying techniques against an opponent including proper striking and blocking technique, distance, timing, footwork and fighting combinations. It is also an excellent method for conditioning the arms and legs for striking and blocking.

Gung Fu

Instructor: NYIA Instructor Thad Wong

Time and Location: Thursday evenings, 7:00 – 9:00 pm – September 20th – December 13th at DANY Studios, Studio 9, 305 West 38th Street (at 8th Ave)

Fee: $300

Class is limited to 25 students

To register: email Thad Wong at moc.liamgnull@niloahskroywen


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