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NEW CLASS: Evening Ba Gua Zhang (New York)

This class is a beginning level class for people who have no prior experience with the internal martial art, Ba Gua Zhang.

Students will learn the following skills:

  • 24 Warm Up Exercises
  • Ba Gua Zhang’s 12 Standing Postures
  • Single Palm Change and Double Palm Change
  • Ding shi walking postures

In addition to learning these basic skills, footwork will be heavily emphasized. We will focus on ‘mud stepping’, the cornerstone of ba gua zhang, and also cover Crane Stepping, Plum Blossom Stepping, and Chicken Stepping. Several foundational qi gong sets will be introduced, to help students develop full body connection and to learn how to recognize the internal movements which occur within our bodies.

Enrollment in this class is now closed for approximately 6 months.

Time: Tuesday evenings, starting July 10th, 8:00pm to 9:30pm

Location: 1727 Broadway, 2nd Floor (Entrance on 55th St.)

Fee: $80 per month (discounts available for current NYIA members)

Instructors: Certified NYIA Instructors Adam Wasserman and Marcus DeGrazia.

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