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NEW COURSE: Xing Yi Nei Gong

The xing yi nei gong is a series of sixteen health and longevity exercises created by Wang Ji Wu, a famous martial artist and doctor of Chinese medicine. Wang, who lived to be over 100 years old, designed these exercises to prevent illness and improve health and to be an adjunct to martial arts training. These sixteen simple exercises work the body from head to toe, combining breathing with gentle yet precise movements.

Wang Ji Wu performing Opening and Closing Soothes the Meridians from the Xing Yi Nei GongThe xing yi nei gong exercises take 20-30 minutes to perform and can be learned by almost anyone. When practiced daily, they have been shown to increase vitality, improve strength, coordination and balance. They can also calm the spirit, aid sleep, improve resistance to disease and reduce joint pain.

In addition to being an ideal qi gong set for personal practice, the exercises from the Xing Yi Nei Gong lend themselves towards being used as rehabilitative exercises. The exercises are easily extracted from the context of the entire set and can be used as a form of Chinese physical therapy to help patients to recover from injuries.

Recommended Text: Xing Yi Nei Gong: Xing Yi Health Maintenance and Internal Strength Development by Dan Miller and Tim Cartmell. This text has illustrations and descriptions of all of the exercises and is a wonderful adjunct to the instruction provided in the class. It is recommended, but not required.

This class will meet eight Tuesday evenings beginning September 18th.

  • Dates: Sept 18, Sept 25, Oct 2, Oct 9, Oct 16, Oct 23, Oct 30, Nov 6
  • Time: 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
  • Location: 1727 Broadway, 2nd Floor (Entrance on West 55th St.)
  • Fee: $200
  • Instructors: Adam Wasserman and Marcus DeGrazia
  • Registration: Click here to register. This class is limited to 20 students.
  • For more information, contact moc.erutcnupucaregitowtnull@mada