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New Book! Xing Yi Quan Tu Na Si Ba: The Four Breathing Forms of Master Li Gui Chang

Xing Yi Quan Tu Na Si Ba:

the “Secret” Breathing Methods of Xing Yi Quan

by Master Song Zhi Yong with Tom Bisio

Chinese-English Edition with link to online video of Tu Na Si Ba
performed by Master Song Zhi Yong

In this unique book Song Zhi Yong, a senior disciple of legendary Xing Yi Master Li Gui Chang, reveals the formerly “secret” foundational training which is the key to Master Li’s Xing Yi Quan:

  •     Tu Na Si Ba (Four Essential Breathing Forms)
  •     San Ti Shi (Three Body Posture Training).


Tu Na Si Ba was traditionally taught only to senior disciples, and has never before been written about in English or Chinese. Today, Song Shi Yong, in collaboration with his school brother Tom Bisio, presents the correct practice method of Tu Na Si Ba for the first time in print. Tu Na Si Ba is critical to understanding and developing skill in  he core practices of Xing Yi Quan, San Ti Shi and Pi Quan (Splitting Fist). In addition, the book features over 450 photos by Master Song’s disciple, Valerie Ghent, which clearly illustrate details of the exercises.

The final section of this book presents San Ti Shi, the fixed standing (Zhan Zhuang) practice unique to Xing Yi Quan. One of the key training methods, but perhaps the least understood, the practice of San Ti Shi allows one to actualize the body’s intrinsic, instinctual energy and to connect with the Original Spirit (Yuan Shen).

Detailed explanation and instruction on the correct performance  of Tu Na Si Ba and its profound implications are found in the book, along with a link to the video of Master Song performing Tu Na Si Ba.

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Master Song Zhi Yong
is a senior disciple of Master Li Gui Chang. Master Song teaches Xing Yi Quan and Tai Ji Quan in Taiyuan, China and is a senior advisor to Internal Arts International. This book is the product of a collaboration with Tom Bisio, Valerie Ghent, Huang Guo Qi, and Internal Arts International.