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Practical Qin Na: Part 1 by Master Zhao Da Yuan

Master Zhao Da Yuan Reveals Qin Na’s Hidden Secrets

 Practical Qin Na: Part 1

by Master Zhao Da Yuan


In this ground-breaking new book, Master Zhao Da Yuan breaks with tradition and openly reveals the real secrets of Qin Na. After teaching this deadly and effective art to police and military personnel as well as China’s elite bodyguards for more then 40 years, Master Zhao has just completed his magnum opus on the art of Qin Na. Now available in English for the first time.

In Practical Qin Na Part 1: Explanation of the Qin Na Nine Heaven Secret Text, Master Zhao deftly decodes and explains the hidden meanings contained in the previously secret Nine Heaven Qin Na Text, a series of coded poems that contain the complete theoretical basis for the art of Qin Na and the Internal Martial Arts in minute and precise detail. He integrates ancient concepts with modern sports science and physiology to help the modern reader understand this important subject.

This book openly presents the theoretical underpinnings, subtle principles and training methods of Qin Na previously only taught to favored disciples. Without these crucial elements, the student will only learn a collection of tricks and individual techniques and therefore cannot grasp the real Gong Fu. 

Practical Qin Na Part 2: Foundational Training, Techniques and Methods is in the final editing stage and  will be released in early 2016. Containing over 1,000 photographs, this book details the training methods that  develop the inner Gong Fu and all of the basic and advanced techniques, including throws and defenses against weapons.

Both Part 1 and Part 2 translated by Huang Guo Ji & Tom Bisio, edited by Tom Bisio, cover photo by Valerie Ghent.

These two books together present the most complete discussion on the art of Qin Na available today.

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