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Nei Jia Cane Seminar: May 26th 2018

Nei Jia Cane Seminar – Internal Arts Cane Self Defense

with Tom Bisio


The Nei Jia Cane is based on a few key movements that reveal a wealth of practical self-defense techniques using the standard wooden cane with a crooked end. Hidden within the Nei Jia Cane Form (a short solo practice form) are strikes, throws, locks, body disruptions, subtle tactics and body evasions that allow smooth transitions between offense and defense. The cane is a unique weapon that combines skills from the sword, broadsword, spear and staff, and the curved handle adds it own unique dimensions to the mix.

In this six-hour seminar students will learn:

  • Basic techniques
  • The Nei Jia Cane Form
  • Many practical self-defense applications

The movements of the Nei Jia Cane blend principles from Tai Ji, Xing Yi and Ba Gua, and are thus easily adapted to any style. Instructor Tom Bisio will also demonstrate how the form can be adapted to reflect these different styles.

Who Can Register: This class is open to anyone with a basic background in Tai Ji, Xing Yi or Ba Gua and highly recommended for members of Internal Arts International.

Required Equipment: a wooden cane with a curved handle

Date: Saturday May 26th, 2018

Time: 10 am to 5 am (1 hour lunch break)

Location: Chinatown, NYC

Cost: $125