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IAI Ba Gua Zhang/Xing Yi Quan Intensive Training Weekend – April 2020

Ba Gua Zhang * Xing Yi Quan

Nei Gong * Forms * Weapons * Partner Drills
April 2020

We are excited to announce a weekend of intensive training in Ba Gua Zhang and Xing Yi Quan on April 18 and 19, 2020.

All IAI students and instructors are invited to attend – this includes any student who currently studies with an IAI instructor, or who has attended either of the summer camps in 2017 or 2019. We look forward to training with you!


Green Meadow Waldorf School Gymnasium
Chestnut Ridge, NY

Date & Time

Saturday April 18 & Sunday April 19th
9:30-5 pm each day (with a 60 minute lunch break)

Student Fee:

$200 for the weekend

Click HERE to register

Pay your instructor or pay in cash at the event.