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Hot off the Press! “Practical Qin Na: Part 2” by Zhao Da Yuan

Master Zhao Da Yuan Reveals Qin Na’s Hidden Secrets

 Practical Qin Na: Part 2
Foundational Training, Techniques & Methods

by Master Zhao Da Yuan


More than 1,000 photos accompany the text, clearly illustrating all of the techniques and training methods.

Practical Qin Na Part Two: Foundational Training, Techniques and Methods, the second volume of Master Zhao Da Yuan’s magnum opus on the art of Qin Na (Capturing and Seizing), decisively puts the art of Qin Na on the map as complete system of effective self-defense, physical training and internal development. Master Zhao’s depth of knowledge and many years of experience in teaching civilians, police, elite bodyguards and members of China’s armed forces are evident on every page. In this one-of-a-kind book Master Zhao Da Yuan details every aspect of training:

  • Basic training exercises
  • Methods of developing hand and finger strength
  • Developing yielding body skills
  • Proper use of Qin Na training equipment to develop refined power (Jin Li)
  • Basic techniques: Dead Hand Qin Na
  • Short Qin Na solo forms and applications
  • Qin Na throwing techniques
  • Advanced techniques: Live Hand Qin Na
  • Defenses against weapons

For centuries, Qin Na was a secret family system, only parts of which were taught to outsiders. After teaching this deadly and effective art to the police, military personnel, and elite bodyguards for more than 40 years, Master Zhao breaks with tradition and openly reveals the real secrets of Qin Na to the general public, including the key theories and foundational training methods that were in the past taught to only one or two disciples in each generation. Some of these secrets were revealed in Practical Qin Na Part 1: Explanation of the Qin Na Nine Heaven Secret Text.

In Practical Qin Na Part 2: Foundational Training, Techniques and Methods, Master Zhao shows you how to put theory into practice. His top disciples demonstrate not only the key Qin Na training methods for developing refined strength and skill, but also more than 150 devastating Qin Na techniques. These techniques dynamically illustrate the full scope of the art of Qin Na, with defenses against grabs, punches, kicks, locks and weapon attacks.

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