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Now Available! German-Language Editions of the Entire Ba Gua Nei Gong Series

The Ba Gua Nei Gong Series

Volume 1: Yin Yang Patting & Dao Yin Exercises

Volume 2: Qi Cultivation Exercise & Standing Meditation

Volume 3: Twelve Posture Standing

Volume 4: Foundational Body Training(Ji Ben Gong)

Volume 5:  Tian Gan (Heavenly Stem) Nei Gong

Volume 6: Marrow Washing Nei Gong

Now available in a German Language Editions

Band 1: Yin Yang-Leitbahnenmassage & Dao Yin-Übungen

Band 2: Übungen zu Qi-Kultivierung & Stehende Meditation

Band 3: Zwölf Stehende Haltunge

Band 4: Ji Ben Gong – Grundlagentraining für den Körper

Band 5: Tian Gan Nei Gong

Band 6: Das Nei Gong zur Waschung des Knochenmarks

The German-Language Editions of Ba Gua Nei Gong Vols 1 -3 by Tom Bisio are now available thanks to the efforts of NYIA/IAI instructor Wolfgang Schwalenberg, who carefully translated the texts and arranged for publication in Germany. Wolfgang teaches Ba Gua Zhang, Zhang Kuntao, Xing Yi Quan and Nei Gong in Hamburg.

Wolfgang can be contacted at: Shen Wu

To order:

Ba Gua Nei Gong Vol. 1 CLICK HERE

Ba Gua Nei Gong  Vol. 2 CLICK HERE

Ba Gua Nei Gong  Vol. 3 CLICK HERE

Ba Gua Nei Gong  Vol. 4 CLICK HERE

Ba Gua Nei Gong  Vol. 5 CLICK HERE

Ba Gua Nei Gong  Vol. 6 CLICK HERE

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