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Five Animal Play Qi Gong Online Learning Program Launch Sale!

Five Animal Play Qi Gong Online Learning Program


An Incredible Exercise and Internal Energy System based on

the Movements of Five Animals


Five Animal Play (Wu Qin Xi) is one of the most ancient Qi Gong systems found in China. This incredible system of internal exercises has been practiced for over two millennia in order to improve health, promote longevity, and activate and optimize the body’s energy systems.

In Five Animal Play one imitates the movements and gait of the Bear, Deer, Bird, Tiger and Monkey in order to benefit from the special abilities and attributes of each animal.

      Bird Stands On One Leg

In this unique version of Five Animal Play, each animal has a characteristic walking stepping pattern that activates different organ and meridian systems, and these patterns modulate the movement of  Qi in specific ways. When you practice Five Animal Play, you directly experience the power and potency of each animal – the slow, stable gait of the Bear, the lightness and flexibility of the Bird, the Deer’s relaxed limberness, the Tiger’s power and strength, and the agility and liveliness of the Monkey.

 Each of the Five Animalsconfers specific health benefits:

Bear (熊): Activates Ming Men, Concentrates Qi and Jing in the kidneys, & Induces Stability & Calmness

Deer (鹿): Activates G0verning Vessel, Dredges Liver and Gallbladder Meridians, & Promotes Peace & Tranquility

Bird (鳥): Regulates Qi, Calms the Heart, Soothes Qi, & Disperses excess Heart-Fire

Tiger (虎): Regulates the Lungs, Strengthens Bones and Sinews, & Fosters Courage & Spirit

Monkey (猴): Calms the Heart-Mind and Spirit, Harmonizes Digestion, & Cultivates an Alert and Lively Spirit


      Tiger Pouncing                                    Deer Reaching                    Monkey Looks Far Away

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