Tian Gan (Heavenly Stem) Nei Gong Online Learning Program: Coming May 19, 2021


Tian Gan  Nei Gong Online Learning Program is NOW AVAILABLE!

The Most Complete Presentation of This Rare & Powerful Nei Gong Method

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Tian Gan (Heavenly Stem) Nei Gong is a profound system of Ba Gua Energy Exercises that supercharge the body by activating and potentiating the spiral forces within the body’s internal Qi Dynamic. Engaging with these internal spirals produces movement patterns that are imbued with power and grace.

The Tian Gan or “Heavenly Stem” is essentially the central internal longitudinal axis, or “stem,” that passes through the body. The Heavenly Stem encompasses the body’s central core energy circuit know as the Microcosmic Orbit which activates the spinal cord, brain and nervous system and “opens the 100 meridians,” regulating every energy pathway in the body.

Tian Gan Nei Gong exercises are traditionally used by Ba Gua and Xing Yi practitioners to develop torsional power that is connected directly to the spine and legs, forming the basis of the so-called “silk reeling energy.” The Tian Gan Exercises not only improve movements that are common to every martial art, they can also help sports enthusiasts prevent injury while increase power and improving movement potential.

The Tian Gan or “Heavenly Stem” is like the trunk of a tree, the body’s central energetic connection between Heaven & Earth

Tian Gan exercises:

  • Wring out the spine and paraspinal muscles and remove restrictions to spinal movement
  • Open up intervertebral spaces
  • Stimulate the spinal nerves
  • Stimulate the brain and nervous system
  • Free and mobilize the ribs and diaphragm
  • Improve lung capacity and organ function
  • Open the Du (Governor) Channel which regulates all of the meridians
  • Connect the lower body and waist to the movements of the arms
  • Develop coordination, strength, power and balance

Free circulation of Qi through the Tian Gan allows energy and force to move outward from the legs and back and into the hands and fingers without tension and obstruction, thus maximizing one’s movement potential and internal power dynamic.

The instruction in our Daoist Yoga Online Learning Program includes top-quality video, written materials and audio files. Your instructors Tom Bisio and Valerie Ghent explain and demonstrate each exercise clearly and detail the fine points, so that you immediately experience the physical and mental benefits of each exercise.

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