Seasonal Qi Gong Online Course – Now Available!


In ancient China, Daoist Sages and Yogis observed and catalogued correlations between planetary movement, the seasons and energetic fluctuations in the energy fields of human beings. Even our spinal vertebra respond to these fluctuations, literally “lighting up” and activating sequentially throughout the year. By understanding and harmonizing with seasonal changes we can ride the fluctuations in the cosmic energy around us to achieve optimum health and supercharge our internal energy.

Chen Tuan, a Daoist sage in the 11th century, expanded upon these ideas in order to create Seasonal Qi Gong, a set of 24 exercises, one for each 2-week period. Derived from Daoist yogic practices, these simple yet profound exercises energize and balance the body so that it is in harmony with the changing seasons. Daily practice of Seasonal Qi Gong (10 minutes a day) can help ward off illness, increase energy and concentration, and strengthen your internal energy Qi dynamic.

In this new online course, noted author, Qi Gong expert and Chinese medical practitioner Tom Bisio will show you exactly how and when to perform each Qi Gong exercise, so that you can immediately begin to reap the benefits of living in harmony with the seasons. Detailed and clear video instruction is accompanied by written materials that help to elucidate fine points.

Seasonal Qi Gong is more than just a Qi Gong exercise class!

You will also learn Five Bonus health practices
that will optimize your practice and maximize your vitality.

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