NEW! Self Defense with the Walking Cane Online Learning Program with Tom Bisio

Learn the secrets of the Nei Jia Cane – one of the most effective self-defense methods in the world. The basic principles, strikes and techniques can be learned by anyone in just 20-30 minutes of daily practice.

This complete online training program details every aspect of self-defense with a walking cane – from martial cane warm-up exercises and powerful striking templates to effective, street-savvy ready positions and how to use the crook of the cane to deliver devastating hooking attacks.

The walking cane is the ultimate self-defense weapon. Not only can you legally carry a cane anywhere, in any state and almost any country, the unique design of the walking cane makes it a powerful force multiplier that allows a weaker person to offset superior size and strength while staying out of range of grabs, punches, kicks, and even knife attacks. This course is a must for those concerned about personal self-protection, for anyone who regularly uses a cane, and for martial artists, no matter what the style.







Your instructor Tom Bisio has studied and taught Martial Arts for over 40 years. Tom’s extensive background in Filipino Martial Arts, full-contact stick fighting and the Chinese Internal martial arts (Nei Jia), combined with his extensive research into Chinese cane and walking stick self-defense methods, makes Tom the ideal instructor to teach you cane self-defense.

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