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Complete Dao Yin Online Learning Program

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Dao Yin exercises are some of China’s oldest health exercises. As part of the Daoist Life Nourishing longevity tradition, Dao Yin exercises have been practiced for two millennia by Daoist sages, Qi Gong masters and martial arts experts. They have clearly stood the test of time and are as relevant and effective now as they were 2000 years ago. Many martial arts practitioners, Qi Gong masters, and Daoist monks, practice Dao Yin every day in order to maintain health and supercharge the body’s energy systems.

When performing Dao Yin, one strokes, massages and activates meridians, energy gates, and acupuncture points that instantly unblock and invigorate the body’s internal energetic systems. These extremely powerful and effective methods of preserving health and regulating the body are easy to perform, so they are ideal for almost anyone.

Five Different Dao Yin Methods
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The Complete Dao Yin Online Learning Program offers high quality video, audio and written instruction covering every aspect of Dao Yin. Master Instructor Tom Bisio presents each of the Dao Yin sequences in detail, with clear explanations.
Plus bonus material detailing
Eight Supplemental Dao Yin Methods!

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