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Daoist Yoga is one of the forgotten gems of Chinese Nourishing Life Health practices – a sophisticated system of exercise and meditation that produces suppleness and relaxation, strengthens the core, increases resistance to disease and illness, and expands one’s inner awareness and consciousness. Daoist Yoga comes out of the ancient Yang Sheng (Nourishing Life) Tradition of Daoist hermits and sages who practiced self-cultivation in the mountains and forests of China.

Daoist Yoga has a unique approach to stretching and flexibility, based on natural movement. After practicing for only a short time, one’s musculature becomes relaxed and supple, and core strength and energy increase. Because meditation is seamlessly embedded in the the practice of Daoist Yoga, the mind becomes relaxed, calm and clear.

Daoist Yoga:

  • Stretches and pulls the meridians to dispel diseases and remove energy blocks
  • Lengthens and extends the muscles and sinews, so that the body becomes supple and flexible
  • Strengthens Dan Tian, the area around the navel that is the core of the body’s strength and internal energy
  • Harmonizes the functioning of the internal organs.
  • Activates the Internal Qi Dynamic so the vital force flows freely and fills the entire body
  • Expands one’s consciousness, facilitating transformation of the mind and spirit

Learn the Seated Immortal’s Daoist Yoga and the Awakened Immortals Daoist Yoga along with the meditation practices that work synergistically with the yogic exercises to transform mind, body and spirit and supercharge the body’s energy systems  These  powerful system methods contain more than 40 yoga exercises.

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48 Hour sale ends at Noon on May 20th, 2020: Use Coupon Code DAOYOGA2020 at Checkout
$99 Reduced to $88 for 48 hours only!


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