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Beyond the Battleground now in Czech!

Beyond the Batttleground: Classic Strategies from the Yijing and Baguazhang for Managing Crises Situations is now available in Czech from Management Press in Praha (Prague) under the tile: Vnitřní Síla (Inner Power).

Here is what reviewers in the Czech Republic are saying about the book:

“The cult book of all supporters of Chinese martial arts. The book is not easy. It is by no means intended for those who are looking for quick and easy recipes for health, success and enduring happiness. The author, Tom Bisio, is known by all who are deeply engaged in Chinese philosophy, martial arts, and Chinese medicine.  It belongs to those rare people from the West, who are not cheap in the popularity of Chinese exercises or Chinese medicine. His work is honest, deep and grounded. It is basically compulsory reading for those who really care about China, its spiritual traditions, exercises, martial arts, or medicine. But not just for them – the Inner Power book offers answers to a lot of problems that we all solve. After all, Chinese strategists have struggled with  the question of how to achieve success in the seemingly chaotic world, for centuries. Their answer is the need to understand the natural order of the world in order to achieve harmony. And harmony is what we may miss today most of all. This book is so incredibly useful to anyone who thinks about the world, seeking guidance on how to strategically address a variety of living or working situations, and how to understand the principles that human society has been working for several thousand years.”

And from Tai Ji Akademie:

“American author Tom Bisio’s book  Inner Power that came out this August is somewhat unusual in its scope. It links three main themes: The Book of Changes (I-Ching), Chinese Strategic Thought, and Martial Arts. But do not expect any esotericism. The concept of Chinese thinking that this book offers is more accurate than many of what is available from commonly available information. Legendary stories from the battlefields of ancient China have their overlap to date. And if someone is only interested in one of these themes, do not be discouraged, you can focus on what your interested in and still return to the others later.”