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Best Anatomy Book for Healing and Martial Arts

Essential Anatomy for Healing and Martial Arts

Students of the internal arts and  participants in the Tui Na classes who don’t have an acupuncture background often ask if I know of a good basic book on acupuncture points and meridians. The big acupuncture textbooks don’t fit the bill as they are expensive, hard to lug around and unwieldy to use because they try and cover too much information.

Also they are a bit boring. There was a void for this kind of introductory books for, but it has now been more than adequately filled by Mark Tedeschi’s book Essential Anatomy for Healing and Martial Arts. Not only does he succinctly cover all the points with their Chinese, Korean and Japanese names, as well as the English translation of the name, he also covers the meridian pathways and the Eight Extraordinary Channels.

There is some basic Western anatomy as well. Tedeschi also has sections on acupressure for pain and points to open up and release different areas of the body, and a section on striking vital points and revival techniques. The perfect book for the martial artist or body-worker who wants to know more about acu-points and meridians.

Did I mention that the book also looks great, is well-laid out and only costs $20?