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Ba Gua Zhang Instructor Training with Tom Bisio

Become a Certified Ba Gua Zhang Instructor!

Join the NYIA/IAI Ba Gua Zhang Instructor Training in 2015-2016:

The NYIA/IAI Ba Gua Zhang Instructor Training Program will prepare and certify participants to teach the Foundational Level of Liang Style Ba Gua Zhang as taught by New York Internal Arts and Internal Arts International.

This unique One-Year Program will take place over five intensive weekends in NYC, spread out of the course of a year. This may be the only time this course is taught by Tom Bisio.


Participants will:

  • Receive extensive training in the Foundational Level of Liang Style Ba Gua Zhang
  • Learn how to teach the Foundational Level of Liang Style Ba Gua Zhang
  • Become a Certified Ba Gua Zhang Instructor with Internal Arts International

The Foundational Level of Liang Style Ba Gua provides comprehensive and complete training in the key elements that develop a correct foundation in Ba Gua Zhang. It is the starting point for developing one’s unique expression of the art.

The following material will be covered in depth:

• Ba Gua Yin Yang Patting Nei Gong
• Dao Yin Exercises
• Basic Standing Meditation or “Standing Post” (Zhan Zhuang)
• Ba Gua Qi Cultivation Exercises
• Linear Mud Stepping
• Kou Bu and Bai Bu Stepping
• Crane Stepping
• Ba Gua Twelve Standing Posture Nei Gong
• 28 Foundational Exercises (Ba Gua Ji Ben Gong)
• Fixed Posture (Ding Shi) Circle Walking Nei Gong
• Two-Person Ding Shi
• Three Posture Standing
• Foundational Partner Exercises
• Single Palm Change
• Double Palm Change
• Eight Hands: #1 and #2
• Martial Applications
• Health Promoting Applications
• Additional material will be added as needed to ensure instructors have sufficient knowledge and expertise to teach.

Who is Eligible?

The Ba Gua Zhang Instructor Training Program is open only to those one who have learned and trained the Foundational Level Curriculum in one or more of the following ways:

1. Authentic Ba Gua Zhang Online Learning Program – Eligible if you have completed 8 or more months of daily Ba Gua training, following the curriculum as outlined in the program.

2. NYIA Ba Gua Intensive 2014 – are currently enrolled in and will complete the 2014 intensive.

3. Ongoing weekly Ba Gua Zhang classes – with one of the IAI/NYAI certified instructors listed on our website, for at least 12 months.

Participants must be willing to train hard, both during and between the five weekend classes, and to complete the required reading.

To Apply for the Ba Gua Zhang Instructor Program:

1. Fill out application HERE
2. Upon acceptance of your application, you will receive an email with procedures for registration and payment.

Any questions? Please contact Tom Bisio at moc.oisibmotnull@mot.

Instructor Training Program Details:


Tom Bisio
assisted by Valerie Ghent and Wes Tasker


WE 1: March 21-22, 2015
WE 2: May 16-17, 2015
WE 3: July 11-12, 2015
WE 4: October 3-4, 2015
WE 5: February 6-7, 2016

Location: NYC

Cost: $2,500

Questions? Check our FAQ page.


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