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Ba Gua Zhang “Infinite Applications” Seminar with Tom Bisio – September 11-12

Ba Gua’s countless changes and seemingly infinite applications are rooted in the Single Palm Change. Participants will practice and explore a large number of applications and partner drills that all stem from the Single Palm Change. Teaching multiple applications and drills one after the other allows you to forget about individual techniques and explore the principles of change that lie beneath the techniques and applications. The goal of this seminar is to give participants insight into the art of changing from one application to another while following the opponent’s force and adapting to changing circumstances.

When I trained with Master Zhang Hua Sen, he would often take his senior students through countless applications within a single training session – changing smoothly from striking and kicking, to throwing, to qin na, to partner drills. Everyone’s level of skill went up after one of these “endless application” training sessions. This weekend seminar is very much in the spirit of Master Zhang Hua Sen, and the seminar is a tribute to his teaching and spirit.

Zhang Hua Sen and Tom Bisio – Beijing 1994

Prerequisites: Participants must have practiced Circle Walking Nei Gong (Ding Shi), Mud Stepping, and some version of the Single Palm Change for at least one year.  This class is open to those who currently study Ba Gua Zhang with IAI in our online learning programs, or with an IAI Ba Gua instructor (live or on zoom), as long as you have practiced Circle Walking, Mud Stepping, and the Single Palm Change. The class is also open to those who have trained in other styles of Ba Gua Zhang as long as the above prerequisites are met.

Due to space limitations at the venue, this class is limited to 18 participants.

Participants must be vaccinated for Covid-19.

Dates and Times:

Saturday Sept. 11:    1 pm to 5 pm

Sunday Sept. 12:      10 am to 3 pm

Fee: $325

Location: Sei Shin Dojo in NYC: 34 Avenue A (between 2nd and 3rd streets)


Join the wait list by sending an email to: moc.stralanretnikroywennull@ecivres