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Ba Gua Zhang in Provence

On June 8th & 9th, 2015, Internal Arts International conducted an intensive workshop in Ba Gua Nei Gong and Foundational Ba Gua Zhang in Le Beausset, France. Training outside, under the blue skies and clean air of Southern France was merveilleux!

Ba Gua Zhang in Provence 2015 with Tom Bisio, Valerie Ghent & Pascal Jauffret. Photo: Anna Zerbib.

New York based instructors Tom Bisio and Valerie Ghent were assisted by IAI instructor Pascal Jauffret.  The class focused on Ba Gua Ji Ben Gong (28 Foundational Exercises) and introduced various methods of Circle Walking Nei Gong (Ding Shi Ba Gua Zhang). Students also practiced Zhan Zhuang and the six Qi Cultivation exercises.

The next Ba Gua seminar in Le Beausset is already scheduled and will take place in October, 2015. It will include a review of the 28 Foundational Exercises and Circle Walking Nei Gong. New material will include the 12 Standing Postures of Ba Gua Zhang, a detailed study of Ba Gua stepping exercises and more advanced training in Circle Walking Nei Gong.

For more information on the October class in Le Beausset, or to find out more about future Nei Gong and Ba Gua Zhang classes in France, contact Pascal Jauffret at Association San Qi: