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Advanced Xing Yi Intensive 2016 with Tom Bisio

Intensive Advanced Training in Xing Yi Quan with Tom Bisio
Shanxi Xing Yi of Master Li Gui Chang

Li Gui Chang Performs Tiger Form

A unique opportunity to further develop the Xing Yi method of Master Li Gui Chang!

Instructor: Tom Bisio, Disciple of Li Gui Chang
Assistant Instructor: Valerie Ghent, Disciple of Song Zhi Yong

Class consists of 30 hours of detailed instruction over five weekends in 2016.

Xing Yi Quan Advanced Program:

This program is open only to those who have previously studied Xing Yi Quan with Internal Arts International-New York Internal Arts in our  2-Year Xing Yi Intensives.

In this advanced program of Xing Yi training, participants review key elements of foundational training with an emphasis on application. New material includes Ai Shen Pao (“Close Quarter Body Cannon”) 2-person set, the Xing Yi Straight Sword (Xing Yi Jen) and the Combined 12 Animal Form, which introduces alternative expressions and applications of Xing Yi Quan’s 12 Animals.

Completion of the Xing Yi Advanced Program is a pre-requisite for applying to the Xing Yi instructor Training Program in 2017-2018.

Advanced Program:  Class 1

  • Review Tu Na Si Ba
  • Review San Ti Shi
  • Review Wu Xing (Five Fists)
  • Applications of Five Fists
  • Uprooting
  • Wu Hua Pao & Applications

Advanced Program: Class 2

  • Pi Wu Xing & Applications
  • Lian Huan Xing Yi Quan (Linking Form) & Applications
  • 12 Animal Forms & Applications: Part 1

Advanced Program: Class 3

  • Ai Shen Pao (Close Quarter Body Cannon): Two-Person Exercise
  • Ai Shen Pao (Close Quarter Body Cannon): Tactics and Applications

Advanced Program: Class 4

  • 12 Animal Forms & Applications: Part 2
  • 12 Animal Linking Form

Advanced Program: Class 5

  • Basic of the Xing Yi Jen (Straight Sword)
  • Wu Xing Jen  (Five Element Sword)
  • Lian Huan Jen (Linking Jen)


Jan 16-17    Xing Yi Advanced  1
March 5-6  Xing Yi Advanced 2
June 11-12  Xing Yi Advanced 3
Sept 24-25  Xing Yi Advanced 4
Nov 19-20  Xing Yi Advanced 5

Time: 2pm-5pm

Location: NYC (Manhattan)

Cost: $1000


Class size limited to 20 – register soon!

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