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Tian Gan Nei Gong

This updated list of the Tian Gan “Heavenly Stem” Nei Gong Exercises is provided at the request of NYIA and IAI students.

Tian Gan Nei Gong

1.  Sword Hand

2.  Diagonal Chop

3.  Covering Palm

  • basic covering palm
  • covering palm with chicken head

4.  Reverse Covering Palm

5. Drill & Pull

  • cross body drill and pull
  • forward drill and pull

6. Piercing Palm

7. Hawk Penetrates the Forest

8. Tiger Plays with Ball (Rolling Upward)

9.  Rolling Back-Fist

  • 3 count rolling back-fist
  • 2 count rolling back-fist
  • continuous rolling back-fist

10.  Bursting Fist

11.  Shoulder Roll (2 Directions)

12.  Cobra Out Of Basket

13.  Drill & Chop

14.  Spiral Upward & Press Downward

15.  Moving The Mountain

16. Rocking Horse With Three Roots

  • rocking horse with downward pressing
  • rocking horse with pushing
  • rocking horse with coiling and piercing


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